Product Certificate



Product Certificate No.: IMP05161031P
Issued to: JNC International Limited
Issued Date: 20 May 2016
Issued by: SON1101


Country of origin

Product code

Product description


1 JP Computed Tomography Machine, Magnetic Imagine Resonance Machine, Ultrasound Machine
2 JP X-ray Machine, Dental X-ray Machine, Fluoroscopy Machine
3 DE Infusion Pump Systems
4 CN Operating Theatre Table
5 PL Clinical and rehabilitation Couches
6 CN Hospital beds and cribs, Pressure relieving Support pads
7 GB Patient trolleys, and Stretchers, Patient Transfer slides, Burns bath, Vascular Therapy machines, Patient Monitors, Fetal Monitor, Fetal and mat
8 CN Audiometer, Electrocardiograph machine, Cardiac treadmill, Defibrillators, ECG and BP Holters
9 GB Surgical Instruments, Dialysis Machine, Laryngoscope, Otoscope, Diagnostic sets,
10 DE Autoclave, Medical Sterilizers, Ward gas and Oxygen supply units
11 FR Operating Theatre light, Examination Light, Operating Theatre ceiling pendant, Modular Theatre systems, Patient ventilators, Heart Lung Machine
12 DE • Anesthesia Machine, Infection Control Washer Disinfector, Neuro and Orthopeadic power drill, Sternal Saw, Radiation Shielding Material, Bed pan
13 DE Operating Theatre Integration System
14 DE Resuscitation Equipment, Flow meters, Neonatal Incubator, Bilirubinometer
15 DE Phototherapy Machine, Resuscitaire, Neonatal Radiant Warmer, Transport Ventilator
16 DE Transport Incubator, Endoscopy Machine, Ancillary devices, Diathermy Machines
17 DE Surgical hand instrument
18 TR Ambulance, Mobile clinics, Laboratory Equipment, Anatomical models, Teaching Aids, Ward screens, ENT Instruments
19 GB Loupes and Microscopes, Nebuliser, Blood Pressure Monitors, Physiotherapy Machines
20 GB Surgical Energy Machines, Laproscopy Machine and Ancillary Devices, Capsule Endoscopy Device
21 GB Electromagnetic & Radio frequency Endoscopy Guide Device, Radiology & Hospital Information System
22 US Computed radiography Digitizer, Patient Shower Trolley, Digital Radiography Equipment, Flat Panel Detector Machine, Laser Imaging Medical Printer
23 IT Mammography Machine