Product Certificate



Product Certificate No.: IMP021772351P
Issued Date: 22 Feb 2017
Issued by: SON1137


Country of origin

Product code

Product description


1 CN laminate
2 IN glucose
3 ID Fa bakery shortening
4 FR Fromylk
5 IN flavours
6 MY Dippy lollipop
7 EG Gum base
8 IN Tertiary butyl hydroquinone
9 FR Anhydrous milk fat
10 CN pop sticks
11 NZ Milk powder
12 IN egg powder
13 TR mixes and dough Baking premix
14 ID Bakery preparation
15 NL sweetened condensed milk
16 CN Proximity sensor, PU belt, cream scrapper and controller, caulk contactor, 8mm transmission belt, mtsubishi touch screen, mitsubishi plc 4AD moul
17 CN communication cable, inverter (microdriver), solenoid valve, scheneider and AC contractor ,intermediate relay siemens logo, Photoelectric switch
18 CN line bearing,Cylinder,Chiller compressor, Fan motor for condenssor ,Sea, water selonoid valve, mixing shaft and chiller panel, oven rubber strip
19 CN cooling tower ,cream machine, cream mixer motor and pump, cream tank, batter mixer.
20 NL end of reel (right ),end of reel (left), roll 20040227833, film guide 200402379 ,film guide 2004022788, brake, brake block guideroller 2003892416
21 NL guide roller 2004018025, proximity switch 200316970, photocell sick vte8L-4p324, photocell 2003412805, cable 2003973321.
22 NL sickphoto cell cabel, valve 2006042091 solenoid 2002300397, gear- wheel 2003906111,Deflection roller,Roller 2003698970, Grooved ball bearing 2003
23 NL Strip 2003841530, insert 2004397318, Pin 2003479179,Sunkkey 2003730562,Block 2003811709,Housing 2003698849,Spring clip2006162123.
24 NL upper pusher 2004179375,grooved ball bearing 2003298482,cover 2004457928,Spring 2004741145,Cover 2004320505,Cover 2004319537,Cover 2004999953,Doo
25 FR spring 2004169321,filter bags,ring for extractor, extractor 324282 brake, Spring 3010194l40, low level, Sleeve D350HT200 tergal, sleeve B.D4500H
26 FR Antistatic belt, oil for blower,safety filter,filter cartridge 275 MIC276, Belt SPA13,Jet vent solenoid valve, Terylene hose D300Ht150, memory ca
27 FR flexible hose D115,kit thermistor, servomotor24v,8 outputs card 24vdc0.5A,8 inputs card 24VD,load cell dayhopper, Plc module,low pressure sensor
28 FR gas cylinder strike 200,HDPE bearing for screw tube 210, gear motor, sine wave MFC300c,Flowmeter,resistance, flow switch, complete servorpc, siem
29 GB oil seal,timing gears, MK s2stainless discharge pump,origa belt linear module 2667611B,Origa belt linear module26676112B, sleeve for seal.
30 GB O ring flange, O ring viton, modular belt 42mm long, modular belt 10mm long.
31 IT picnic mould ring 31.5x57.5mm
32 AE automatic feeding system,conveyor of packagingmachine,white PUbelt,proximity switch (round). touch screen, WS WE100-N1439NPNDC24V sick,
33 AE sensorHRTR3B 2.71leuze,frequency inverter (0.75kw), frequency inverter (0.37kw) , synchronous belt,magnetic valve,control panel with inserted cir
34 AE temperature controller, thermocouple, sensor, heatingtube 220v 600w9,4x100,upper sealing jaw,lower sealing jaw, upper cutter,lower cutter,heating
35 AE discharge belt,o-belt,flat belt,transformer,solid state relay,two conductive carbon brush, four conductive carbon brush,two conductive ring,four
36 CN PVC belt, 2mm,w1.4m (f-2m0576FDA)-100mtr,PU belt 1.5mm, w1.3(2m1795FDA)100mtr,PU endless belts,90 degree curve pbelt,ink roll( 36 x 32mm) bush, b
37 IT solid state relay, DC to Ac, Heater 6*340*500w*48v,heater 6*250*400w*48, thermocouple, DC control solid state relay, DC to Ac, photo sensor.
38 IT cutting knife,coil for vibrator,temp vontroller,load cell, stepping motor,toothed belt,loading conveyor, teflon tape for heater,panel for vibrato
39 IT weigher cards, drive,packing.
40 GB nadella bearing FRN40EI, torgue limiter lass 90F AS version BDM code, compact syncronous clutch, Alarko pump for cream recycling, Alarko pump for
41 GB red seal (30mtrpack), combustion manager (600384), display with membrane key(660300),krytox grease 20kgs keg, bearing for wafer, teflon washers,
42 IT set of rotary mould rings, trial rings.
43 CN 1.5mmPU open ( white matt finish) w 1.3 x l 150m,1.5mm Pu open ( whitemattfinish) w1.4 x L 150m, 1.5mm PU open ( white matt finish) w 1.44 x L 15
44 IT twingle mould ring 41mm fiama 1.2mt,starlight mould, gin gin mould,picnic mould ring 31.5x57.5mm.
45 CN 90 degree curve band,ink roll, letter number 6 and 7 for zw320mc , carbon roll.
46 IN Dhiman fivestage rope sizer machine, batch former, rotary batch kneading machine.
47 IT Rotary moulding roller 16449-1(j1032-1),Rotary moulding roller 16448-0(j1016-1).
48 DE freewheel GFR2SC,cover, comp GFR 25 FIA,cover, comp GFR25 F2B.
49 IT coupled gear Z35+z25 1 for rotary mould, rotary cutter, gear,CAN 161 02AL Board, pair product knives, conical counter knives,Zig zag knives,heate
50 CN 0.8mm pu diamond L555XW1300mm,2mmPVC open(white matt finish)W 1.3XL150m,4-toothjaw for packing machine, 500w heater for 320Ejaw, wooden case.
51 IN LK6 cooling band 16x16 guage,1300mm x 60meter,LK6 cooling band 16 x 16 gauge,140mm x 40meter,LK6, cooling band 16 x16 gauge 1300mm x 100 meter.
52 IN LK6,coolong band 16 x16 guage 1300mm x 140meter, LK6,cooling band 16 x16 gauge, 1400mm x 110meter,oven band as per drawing 1250mmx 200meter.
53 TR polymide endless 1020*4200*1.5.
54 IT set of football rotary cutter fiama 38 x 58,3mm,football trial ring for rotary cutter 33 x 71mm.
55 CN machinery & equipments JH-AL parts,320Eparts and PU PVC belts,leaf attachment with lock-small,25t5 990 belt.
56 IN make gates contitech 32t10 890 timing belt,make, gates contitech 32t10 1010 timing belt, stainless steel bush (2)168 x 150 x 15 haas no.2394146
57 IN Make Schneider ATV71HD11N4Z (ATV58 series) by Schneider, gravity diesel meter with air eliminator and stainer ( oval gear meter),Make Schneider A
58 IN Make Schneider ATV312HU40N4.0kw 3 phase,Make Schneider ATV71HU5545.5 kw 3phase,ATV312H037N40.37kw phase.
59 IN PU red seal sandwich186.4.OD X 180.4ID X 14TK, o ring sandwich 142.47 ID X 3.53 food grade, Straight product pin, round gear for Haas.
60 IN Stainless steel ring- Haas cream head190 x 160 x 152x 4mm, sleeve bearing ertalyte ref 2245116, gear box for Haas 104 x 16x 2mx 50 teeth,Coupling
61 GB Druck pressure transducer 1-1.6 bar, Druck pressure transducer 0-2.5 bar, Druck pressure transducer 0- 16 bar, retainer bearing 13OU2ss.
62 GB Spirax sarco-25mmDP27 flanged PN25,Spirax sarco ?? DP27 screwed BSP, power flex 70 AC drive 30 A, 15kw 20A,kinetix 6000 Axis module, PLC 1 0 modu
63 CN GPG CH 281:25 1HPmotor 0.75kw rpm 1400 for curve conveyorloop, micro belt for central sealing on 320zw, BDL photocell PNP zw, BDL photocell NPN a
64 CN longitudinal sealing accessory, 45mm white seal for cream pipe clamp, PLC ZW320, o ring for printer, electronic card forzw 320,nylon tension spri
65 CN Pm 100 plastic lugs L:65mm, Omron Encoder for sandwiching machine, finished package stacker, 2 sensor & 2 motor for stacker, servo motor ( 1.
66 CN delta inverter VFD 015 EL 21A 1.5kw 2HP,580E knife and anvil, Main control PCB for DK1100B printer, white plastic guide for brake belt, coupler
67 CN 0.8mm pu diamond L4080*W1250, 0.8mm pu diamond L2970*W1250mm, 0.8mm pu diamo siemens 6ES7 134-4GB01-OABO nd L3550*W1250, 0.8mm pu diamond L4470*W
68 CN 0.8mm pu diamond L6750*W1300mm , 0.8mm pu diamond L1735*W1300mm, 1.5mm pu mattL5850*W1300mm, 1.5mm pu mattL2500*W1300mm , 1.5mm pu mattL21600*W12
69 CN 1.5mm pu mattL6050*W2500mm with 8 * 5 centre guide , 1.5mm pu mattL24160*W1300mm, 1.5mm pu mattL17990*W1300mm, 1.5mm pu mattL4420*W1250mm, 1.5mm
70 IN Rectifier interface board AP3 4, SMPS board 15B10848G1 AP6,Radial fan10B48250P2,Fan speed control board AP 27,slow blow fuse 2AMP 500V,Inverter i
71 IN Inverter controller AP14590998311,Rectifier interface board 15B10923G1,Rectifier DIC board AP48 49710028221,Precharge contractor KM410B48317P71.
72 IN Pure Teflon strip 6mx4mmx14mm, oil cap 52x10mm, DIN7721-32-AT 10 1400-PUR,Gear motorR57AD2,motor HP0.75KWO.552POLIB=5IP55,Bus node CPX-AB-4-M12-5
73 IN vibration pen CMAS100SL,Candy mould ( oval shape),siemens 6ES7 134-4GB01-OABO, siemens 6ES7 138-4CA01-OAA0, siemens 6ES7 1934CC200AA0.
74 IN siemens 6ES7 1934CC300AA0, PanelAC 1000W,H-630MM X W-420MM,Panel AC 100MM X W- 570MM, H- 950MM,Panel AC 2000W, H-950MM X W- 400MM.
75 IN Interface module ???IM151-1CAO-0ABO, Load cell- ESM, Filter- ESM, O ring ???ESM, HMI-ESM, PLC ???ESM, Level sensor- ESM, Temperature sensor-ESM,
76 IN Pneumatic Actuator51-ESM, Pneumatic Actuator 38-ESM , level sensor FTL50-ESM.
77 IT Upper pusher, disc, 20043140166,Spring clip, 2003899137,Disc, 2004013669, Disc 20043992582, Roller,2004548920,cylinder,2003910698, cam 2004568709
78 IT segment,2004568709, cam,2005138421, cam 2004568720, fastening,2004029267,fastening,2004024493,pipe,2003978821,hexagonal screw,2002417591.
79 IT bushing, 2002337973,drill bush,2003011228, bolt, 2004368971, hexagon nut, 2002445212, track roller,2003868062, circlip,2002445157,lubricating nip
80 IT segment,2004188241, card EVA-022,counter blade,2004403885,knife,2004403874, die shaft E807,CSSOFIOOO1,Photocell,2003016992,transformer,2003468641
81 IT PLC,2003951332,PLC,2003979921,Proximityswitch, 2004044491,magnet, 2004571778,sensor, 2004571789,output module, controlpanel,2003885134.
82 IT , frequency converter,200414087,input unit,4016020810,, upper pusher,2004058474, electrode, W335980, NC control for Reco housing.
83 IT Brush,2003760658,relay2004582261,PLC,2003955699, Servo motor,2004418515, shaft ,2003996652, roll, 2003768996, drive connector card PDCONN-1, Load
84 IT Encoder RH200 180S8 24P8X3, Relay,1000063100,disc shoot- leftSCIV 900 0069 S.1, Card drive PDCONN.O.CMZ,2509010045, Card reader for display, COD1
85 IT driver digit, CDI-K-ST0-230 10.5, Brushless 6NM 300220V,siemens 6ES7 132-4BD02-0AAO, siemens 6ES7 131-4BD01-OAAO, siemens 6ES7 135-4GB01-OABO, De
86 IT Detection PCB LED 910504, Knife L-350 SP-2, Pressure regulator LR -1 8D-O Mini, Toothed flanged, 016SU-002, Brush holder simple 8x 16 D-12 E-42,
87 IT Clich?? series of num0-9 H=4, Clich?? number *0*4x8 H=4, Rotary die set 016SR, PLC 2003951332, PLC 2003979921.