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Product Certificate No.: IMP032125596P
Issued Date: 12 Mar 2021
Remarks: N/A
Issued by: 834


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1 IN 8479 Pneumatic transfer system, Coal Injector system, Auxiliary equipments, ESP for emmision With insulation, Opacity monitors. N/A
2 IN 8474 Cone Crusher with vibrating feeder, Grinding Roller, Coal Pulaverizing & Injection system, Grizzly with hopper, Roll Crusher N/A
3 IN 8424 Fire Extinguishers, Fire hydrant system, Air blasters, Water Spray nozzles, spray machines, Grease gun. N/A
4 IN 8504 Electrical substation parts & equipment comprising HT, LT synchronizing and distribution & other panels, busbars & conductors. N/A
5 IN 8427 Fork Lifts, Hoists and pulleys, winch machine, hydraulic jack, Electric Hoists, Monorail Hoist, tyre handler N/A
6 IN 9024 Compression Test Machine, Tunble Test Machine, Temperature - Gauges, Pyrometers, feeler guage. N/A
7 IN 8414 Industrial air compressors, Instrument and service Air Compressor, Screw compressors, LOBE Compressor, air dryer, air receiver. N/A
8 IN 8414 Cooling Fan, Roots Blower, Damper, Ash Conditioner, Pressurising Blower and exhaust fans, Air receivers, air blower, cooling and ventilation systems. N/A
9 IN 8423 Industrial Weigh Bridges, Weighing machine, weights of all kinds, parts of weighing machinery. N/A
10 IN 7308 Steel Structures for Plant N/A
11 IN 8535 Lightings equipments & fittings, Speed control VVFD package, Signal & communication cables, Electrical insulators, Insulation fittings. N/A
12 IN 8421 Gas Purification Apparatus, Cyclone Dust Seperator N/A
13 IN 8474 Vibrating Screen, Screw Scrubber, Dewatering Screen, Low Intensity magnetic Separators (LIMS), Metal Detector & Separator, vibrofeeder. N/A
14 IN 8414 Bag filter fan and Mill circulation fan, Nose cooling, Chain cooling and combustion air fan, Cooler Blaster & Separation Wall. N/A
15 IN 8544 Cu-cable flexible, welding cables (AL), water cooled cable (for furnace). N/A
16 IN 8426 Overhead travelling cranes, tractors, trolley, gantry cranes, mobile crane, stacker, other jacks, Grapple and hoists. N/A
17 IN 8421 Air Pollution control devices with motors, auxiliaries and accessories. N/A
18 IN 8537 Main lighting and Power distribution boards, LT busbars , All types of panels& boards, grounding resistor, Harmonics system. N/A
19 IN 2710 Transformer insulating oil, Light Fuel Oil, Lubricant for blending, grease, machine lubricant N/A
20 IN 2841 Di-chromate N/A
21 IN 8416 Flame - Sensors, C-S Analyser, All kinds of spectrometers, Gas Chromatograph, Photometer, Carbon and Sulphur analyzer, Power, Conductivity meter. N/A
22 IN 2827 Berrium Chloride N/A
23 IN 8413 High Pressure & Low Pressure Dosing System, Un Loading/transfer Pumps, Oil Injection System, Deaerator. N/A
24 IN 8412 Hydraulic cylinders and system, pneumatic cylinders & repair kits, Expansion Bellows, hydraulic power pack for gasifier N/A
25 IN 2806 Hydrochloric acid N/A
26 IN 2921 BDS Barium di-phenyl sulphonate N/A
27 IN 2830 Sodium sulphide N/A
28 IN 2809 Phosphoric Acid N/A
29 IN 3212 Calcin Indicator N/A
30 IN 3822 Coagulant (Alum) N/A
31 IN 2811 HF Hydrofluoric Acid N/A
32 IN 3102 Sodium nitrate N/A
33 IN 8430 Drilling Rigs with compressor, Coal Rock Breakers/cutters N/A
34 IN 8474 Coal Handling Plant, Conveyor belts, Belt Feeder, Bucket Elevator with dischange chute, accessories, screw conveyors & Pneumatic conveying system. N/A
35 IN 8537 Swithboard, Power & Motor Control Centre, PLC/ DCS, switch gears, Operatorscontrol desk, Lamps & Bulbs. N/A
36 IN 8428 Coal Elevator system with conveyors N/A
37 IN 8474 Hoppers & vibrators, Magnetic Concentrator, Core Cutter,Jaw Crusher, Pulverizer, Set of Sieves with shaker , Magnetic Stirrer, Testing Sieve Shaker N/A
38 IN 8504 All types of electric motors- AC/DC, All types of Transformers- Oil/Air cooled, UPS backup, charging system, DC chokes, Transformer parts. N/A
39 IN 8459 Lathes, drilling machines, drilling tools, milling machines, Grinding machines, cutting tools, Hexo cutter, Radial/other drills, Shaper. N/A
40 IN 9022 XRD Diffratometers Equipment, XRF Analysers Equipment N/A
41 IN 8484 Primary & Secondary water seal system with hydraulics N/A
42 IN 8704 Pick up, Workshop truck, Long Trailers, Tractor Trolleys, mining dump trucks N/A
43 IN 2807 Sulphuric Acid, N/A
44 IN 8417 Gasifiers Furnace System N/A
45 IN 8416 Furnace Burners, Mechanical Stokers, Mechanical ash dischargers and appliances. N/A
46 IN 2815 Sodium hydroxide N/A
47 IN 2522 Lime (calcium carbonate) N/A
48 IN 2829 Potassium iodate N/A
49 IN 8419 Annular Cooler, Air dryer & Air receivers, Heat exchangers, LUBE Oil Cooler, Air cooled condenser, Cooling tower N/A
50 IN 8544 Co-axial cable and other co-axial electric conductors, electrical cables.Power, control and instrument cables. N/A
51 IN 2811 Per Chloric Acid N/A
52 IN 8421 Water filtering plant, Storage Tanks heaters, Demineralized Plant, water softening plant, recycled water recovery plant. N/A
53 IN 8429 Dozer, bulldozers, payloaders, Front Loaders, tamping machines, rollers, excavators, compactors, Grader, Wheel loader, drill machine, Backhoe loader N/A
54 IN 8474 Coal cleaning and washing system with scrubbers N/A
55 IN 9015 Survey equipment (Total station), welding glass, safety googles, all type of precision and analytical balances, vernier calliper, micrometer. N/A
56 IN 2834 Potassium nitrate N/A
57 IN 2808 Nitric Acid N/A
58 IN 2814 Ammonia N/A
59 IN 2921 EDTA N/A
60 IN 2827 Potassium Iodide N/A
61 IN 2815 Potassium hydroxide N/A
62 IN 3816 EBT N/A