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Product Certificate No.: IMP0419155066P
Issued Date: 03 Apr 2019
Issued by: SON1137


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2 CN Abrasive Paper
3 CN Abrasive Sanding Belt
4 CN Accumulator (Lead-Acid), Battery
5 CN Acrylic Polymer
6 CN Adhesive (Artificial Resins)
7 CN Adhesive Tape Of Paper
8 CN Air Purifier And Parts
9 CN Aluminum Bar
10 CN Aluminium Chloride
11 CN Aluminium Oxide
12 CN Aluminium Sheets Plates
13 CN Aluminium Windows, Door, Frames & Parts
14 CN Amaco Engobes (Kaolin, Quartz)
15 CN Ammonium Chloride
16 CN Angle Grinder
17 CN Angles, Shapes And Sections Of Iron
18 CN Angles, Shapes And Sections Of Stainless Steel
19 CN Anti-corrosion Preparation
20 CN Apparatus For Surface Testing
21 CN Apparatus For Transmission And Reception And Parts
22 CN Arc Welding Machine And Parts
23 CN Artificial Resin Polyethylene
24 CN Asbestos Board, Sheets, Panels
25 CN Automatic Circuit Breakers
26 CN Automatic Door Closer
27 CN Automatic Pipe Cutter
28 CN Automatic Regulating Or Controlling Instruments And Parts
29 CN Backup Battery
30 CN Ball Milling And Parts
31 CN Ball Or Roller Bearing And Parts
32 CN Ball Valve
33 CN Band Saw Blade
34 CN Barium Carbonate
35 CN Battery Charger
36 CN Bearing Housing
37 CN Belt Conveyor And Parts
38 CN Bending, Folding, Straightening Machine And Parts
39 CN Blow Lamps
40 CN Blow-Pipes
41 CN Brass Plate
42 CN Brass Round Bar
43 CN Brush
44 CN Calculating Machine And Parts
45 CN Callipers
46 CN Carbides of calcium
47 CN Carbon Paper, Selfcopy Paper
48 CN Caustic Soda
49 CN Central Heating Boiler And Parts
50 CN Central Processing Unit And Parts
51 CN Centrifugal Dryers, Filtering And Purifying Machines And Parts
52 CN Chain Hoist
53 CN Chain Of Iron And Parts
54 CN Chain Sprocket
55 CN Chainsaws And Parts
56 CN Check Valve
57 CN Circular Saw Blades
58 CN Clamp
59 CN Clutch And Shaft Coupling
60 CN Coated Electrode
61 CN Coated Paper And Paperboard
62 CN Coated Rods Of Base Metal For Soldering
63 CN Coating Machine and Parts
64 CN Coaxial Cable
65 CN Cold Rolling Mill And Parts
66 CN Compressed Air Gas
67 CN Compressor Assembly
68 CN Compressor-Ignition Internal Combustion Piston Engines And Parts
69 CN Computer Scanner And Parts
70 CN Concrete Mixer Lorries And Parts
71 CN Concrete Mixers And Parts
72 CN Control Digital Output Simatic
73 CN Control Unit
74 CN Control Valve
75 CN Controller
76 CN Cooling System Unit And Parts
77 CN Copper Bars & Rods
78 CN Copper Sheets Plates
79 CN Cotter Pin Of Iron
80 CN Crane Lorries And Parts
81 CN Current Meter
82 CN Cutting Wheels Cutting Discs
83 CN Cutting-Off Machine And Parts
84 CN Cylinder (Linear Acting)
85 CN Debarking Machine and Parts
86 CN Degreasing Agent
87 CN Dies For Drawings
88 CN Door Handle Of Base Metal
89 CN Doors Of Steel And Their Frames And Thresholds For Door
90 CN Drilling Machine And Parts
91 CN Drills And Drill Bit
92 CN Dumpers And Parts
93 CN Electric Amplifier
94 CN Electric Cables
95 CN Electric Door Lock
96 CN Electric Fluorescent Or Discharge Lamp And Parts
97 CN Electric Generating Set And Parts
98 CN Electric Heating Resistors
99 CN Electric Hoist
100 CN Electric Motors And Generators And Parts
101 CN Electric Rectifier
102 CN Electric Relay
103 CN Electric Screw Jack
104 CN Electric Switches
105 CN Electrical Alternator - For Engined Motor Vehicles
106 CN Electrical Capacitor
107 CN Electrical Contactors, Connectors
108 CN Electrical Control Board
109 CN Electrical Control Panel And Parts
110 CN Electrical Control Unit
111 CN Electrical Fuse
112 CN Electrical Hand Drill
113 CN Electrical Indicator
114 CN Electrical Plug
115 CN Electrical Power Panel
116 CN Electrical Resistors
117 CN Electrical Socket
118 CN Electrical Transformers, Static Converter And Parts
119 CN Electrode Machine and Parts
120 CN Electrode Mix Powder
121 CN Electrolytic Degreasing Production Line And Parts
122 CN Electromagnetic Oven And Parts
123 CN Electro-Magnetic Stick
124 CN Electronic Integrated Circuits
125 CN Electronic Module
126 CN Electronic Panel
127 CN Electronic Rotary Hammer Drill
128 CN Electronic Turbine Meter
129 CN Enamel Frit
130 CN Encoder
131 CN Engines And Motors
132 CN Engobes
133 CN Evaporative Air Coolers And Parts
134 CN Exhausted Fan
135 CN Feeding Machine And Parts
136 CN Felt Of Wool
137 CN Fibreglass Sheets
138 CN Files, Rasps, Pincers, Cutting Shears
139 CN Filing Cabinet And Office Equipment
140 CN Filter Bags For Technical Use
141 CN Filter Cartridge
142 CN Filter Element
143 CN Filtering Cloth For Technical Use
144 CN Fire Alarm And Parts
145 CN Fire Clay
146 CN Fire Extinguisher And Parts
147 CN Fire Fighting Vehicles And Parts
148 CN Flexible Tube Of Stainless Steel
149 CN Flow Meter
150 CN Flywheels And Pulleys
151 CN Fork-Lift Trucks Powered By Electric Motors And Parts
152 CN Friction Discs
153 CN Furnace Burners And Parts
154 CN Galvanizing Production Line
155 CN Gas Boilers And Parts
156 CN Gas Generators
157 CN Gas Meter
158 CN Gaskets Of Metal
159 CN Gear Boxes And Other Speed Changers, Including Torque Converters
160 CN Glaze Frit
161 CN Glazing Machine And Parts
162 CN Glue
163 CN Grapnels Of Iron
164 CN Grease Gun
165 CN Grinding Ball
166 CN Grinding Machine - Numerically Controlled And Parts
167 CN Grinding Machines And Parts
168 CN Grinding Stones
169 CN Grinding Wheels
170 CN Gypsum
171 CN Hammer
172 CN Hand Saw
173 CN Handle Of Base Metal
174 CN Hardener
175 CN Heat Exchange Units And Parts
176 CN Heating Pump
177 CN Hinges Of Base Metal
178 CN Hot Rolled Steel Coil
179 CN Hot Rolled Steel Sheets Plates
180 CN Hydraulic Lifting Jack
181 CN Hydraulic Lifting Machine And Parts
182 CN Hydraulic Press And Parts
183 CN Hydrochloric Acid
184 CN Ignition Coil
185 CN Incremental Encoder
186 CN Inductive Sensor
187 CN Industrial Air Compressor And Parts
188 CN Industrial Air Conditioning Machines And Parts
189 CN Industrial Blower
190 CN Industrial Electric Oven and Parts
191 CN Industrial Floor Fan, Ventilation Fan And Parts
192 CN Industrial Furnaces And Parts
193 CN Industrial Gloves
194 CN Industrial Milling Machine And Parts
195 CN Industrial Washing Machine And Parts
196 CN Infrared Moisture Meter
197 CN Injection Mould
198 CN Inner Tube
199 CN Inner Flap
200 CN Instantaneous Gas Water Heaters And Parts
201 CN Instrument For Detecting Defects
202 CN Insulated Wire Or Cables
203 CN Insulating Tape
204 CN Intake Air Filter
205 CN Inter-Chargeable Tool For Hand Tools
206 CN Interface Module
207 CN Iron Oxide
208 CN Joint Machine and Parts
209 CN Kaolin (Hydrous aluminium silicate)
210 CN Knives And Cutting Blades
211 CN Kraft Paper
212 CN Lacquer
213 CN Lamp And Parts
214 CN Lamps And Lighting Fittings
215 CN Laser Printer And Parts
216 CN Lathes For Removing Metals
217 CN Lead Ingots
218 CN Leaf-Springs Of Iron
219 CN Lifts And Skip Hoists And Parts
220 CN Lighting, Visual Signaling For Motor Vehicles
221 CN Linear Position Sensor
222 CN Link Chain
223 CN Liquid Lustres
224 CN Lubricating Grease
225 CN Lubricating Oil
226 CN Machine For Working Wire And Parts
227 CN Machinery For Making Noodle And Parts
228 CN Magnesium Sulphate
229 CN Magnet Coil
230 CN Magnetic Scale For Measurement
231 CN Magnetic Strip
232 CN Manostat
233 CN Measuring And Checking Instruments And Parts
234 CN Mechanical Seal Of Metal
235 CN Memory Card
236 CN Microphones, Loudspeaker And Parts
237 CN Millstones
238 CN Mixing Machine And Parts
239 CN Mixing Machine and Parts
240 CN Monitors
241 CN Motor Car For Transport Of Persons And Parts
242 CN Motor Vehicle For Transport Of Passenger And Parts
243 CN Motor-Starter
244 CN Mould Pattern
245 CN Mould Pattern Assembly
246 CN Moulding Machine And Parts
247 CN New Pneumatic Tyres
248 CN Nickel Powder
249 CN Nuts & Washers Of Iron
250 CN Office Paper
251 CN Oil Dip Stick
252 CN Oil Filter
253 CN Oil Separator Kit
254 CN Optical Auto-Collimator
255 CN Other Boilers And Parts
256 CN Overhead Travelling Crane And Parts
257 CN Packing Machine, Wrapping Machine And Parts
258 CN Padlocks, Of Base Metal
259 CN Paint And Varnish
260 CN Paint Brush
261 CN Paper Or Paperboard Of Cellulose Wadding
262 CN Paraffin Wax
263 CN Passivator
264 CN Photosensitive Semi-Conductor Device
265 CN Pickling Preparation For Metal Surfaces
266 CN Pile-Drivers And Extractor And Parts
267 CN Pipe Fitting Of Copper
268 CN Pipe Fitting Of Iron Or Steel
269 CN Pipe Fitting Of Stainless Steel
270 CN Plaster Board Sheets Panels
271 CN Pliers
272 CN Pneumatic Control Valve
273 CN Porcelain Ball
274 CN Potassium Chloride
275 CN Power Module
276 CN Power Supply Panel
277 CN Power Supply Unit
278 CN Prepared Pigment
279 CN Press And Parts
280 CN Press For Manufacturing Of Particle Board And Parts
281 CN Pressure Control Valve
282 CN Pressure Gauge
283 CN Pressure Meter
284 CN Pressure Transducer
285 CN Prime Steel Billets
286 CN Printing Ink
287 CN Printing Machine And Parts
288 CN Production Line For Ceramic Tiles
289 CN Production Line For MDF Boards
290 CN Programmable Controller
291 CN Projector & Parts
292 CN Proportional Valve
293 CN Protective Goggles
294 CN Pumps For Liquids And Parts
295 CN Punching Machines And Parts
296 CN Pyrometer
297 CN Radio Remote Control
298 CN Rails Of Iron
299 CN Razor Barded Wire Production Line
300 CN Reciprocating Piston Engines And Parts
301 CN Refractory Bricks, Blocks
302 CN Refractory Cement
303 CN Refractory Roller
304 CN Refrigeration Freezers And Parts
305 CN Relief Valve
306 CN Remote Control Battery
307 CN Repair Kit
308 CN Replacement Wheel For Automatic Pipe Cutter
309 CN Resistance Heated Furnace And Parts
310 CN Reversing Valve
311 CN Rice Cooker
312 CN Rivet
313 CN Roller Chain Of Iron
314 CN Rolling Mill Production Line
315 CN Rolls For Rolling Mill And Parts
316 CN Rotary Internal Combustion Engines And Parts
317 CN Safety Pin Of Iron
318 CN Safety Valve
319 CN Sand Blasting Machine And Parts
320 CN Sanding Or Polishing Machine And Parts
321 CN Saw Blades Of All Kinds
322 CN Screw & Bolts Of Iron
323 CN Screwdriver
324 CN Sealant
325 CN Self-Propelled Bulldozers, Mechanical Shovels, Excavators, Shovel Loaders And Parts
326 CN Sensor
327 CN Servo Valve
328 CN Sewing Machine And Parts
329 CN Shackles Of Iron
330 CN Sharpening Machine And Parts
331 CN Shearing Machine And Parts
332 CN Shut Valve
333 CN Sieve For Screening Machine
334 CN Sign-Plates
335 CN Skeletal Parts Of Furniture
336 CN Slag Wool, Rock Wool
337 CN Sodium Silicate
338 CN Sodium Sulphate
339 CN Sodium Triphosphate
340 CN Softener
341 CN Soldering Iron And Guns And Their Parts
342 CN Solenoid Valve
343 CN Solid-State Non-Volatile Storage Devices
344 CN Sorting, Screening Machine And Parts
345 CN Spanners, Wrenches
346 CN Sparking Plug
347 CN Speed Indicator
348 CN Speed Meter
349 CN Speed Sensor
350 CN Splitting, Slicing Machine And Parts
351 CN Spray Guns And Parts
352 CN Squaring Machine And Parts
353 CN Straightening Machine and parts
354 CN Stainless Steel Coil
355 CN Stainless Steel Sheets Plates
356 CN Stapling Machine And Parts
357 CN Steam Or Other Vapour Generating Boilers And Parts
358 CN Steam Turbines
359 CN Steel Structures
360 CN Stirring Machine And Parts
361 CN Stoppers
362 CN Stranded Wire Of Iron
363 CN Strapping Machine And Parts
364 CN Strip Join Together Production Line
365 CN Surface-Decorated Paper
366 CN Talc Powder
367 CN Tank Of Steel
368 CN Taps, Cocks, Valves And Parts
369 CN Tegoflux
370 CN Telephone Set And Parts
371 CN Temperature Controller
372 CN Temperature Display Meter
373 CN Temperature Sensor
374 CN Tension Leveler Production Line And Parts
375 CN Textile Cloth For Technical Use
376 CN Thermo Couple
377 CN Thermometer
378 CN Thermostat
379 CN Thinner (Methanol, Toluene, Propylene Glycol, Methyl Acetate Ether)
380 CN Thread Rolling Machine And Parts
381 CN Throttle Valve
382 CN Thyristor
383 CN Thyristor Converter
384 CN Toner Cartridge For Photocopy Machine
385 CN Toothed Wheels
386 CN Tractors
387 CN Trailer And Semi-Trailer And Parts
388 CN Transfer (Decalcomanias)
389 CN Transmission Shaft And Crankshaft
390 CN Turbo Charger And Parts
391 CN Turning Machine And Parts
392 CN Uncoated Kraft Paper And Paperboard
393 CN Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) And Parts
394 CN Universal Digital Meter
395 CN USB
396 CN Vacuum Cleaner And Parts
397 CN Vacuum Pump
398 CN Voltage Regulator and Parts
399 CN Weighing Machine And Parts
400 CN Welding Electrode Production Line
401 CN Wheel For Push Cart
402 CN Winches, Capstans
403 CN Winding Machine Coiling Machine and Parts
404 CN Winding Wire Of Copper
405 CN Wire Cutting Machine and Parts
406 CN Wire Decoiler Uncoiler and Parts
407 CN Wrapping Paper
408 CN Zinc Alloy
409 CN Zinc Brightener A (Cz-03A)
410 CN Zinc Brightener B (Cz-03B)
411 CN Zinc Chloride Solution
412 CN Zinc Ingots
413 CN Zirconium Silicate