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Product Certificate No.: IMP05160744P
Issued Date: 05 May 2016
Issued by: SON1101


Country of origin

Product code

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1 DE Boogie wheels (high resistance cast iron)
2 DE Sludge centrifuge
3 FR Digester spare parts
4 FR Depericarpering system
5 ZA Boiler spares parts maw p21 bar
6 FR Screw press and digester spare parts
7 FR Flowtteg z4d
8 DE Complete screw press cb15
9 DE Crane xcmg 25t
10 FR Complete amcko vibro screen separator and spare parts
11 FR Turbine (trip pawl)
12 DE Spare parts for truck crane 25txcmg
13 IT Lifting cable and lifting system for mobile crane
14 DE Floeeweg z4e-4 spare parts
15 FR Turbine spare parts kkk
16 DE Screw press spare for hydraulic system
17 DE Joucomatic asco (cylinder parts) type trinorm 2
18 FR Pressure recorder spare parts
19 ZA Complete herstal pump rcr40 50
20 ZA Complete herstal pump rc50 rc300
21 FR Shaft mounted gear with totque arm type flotax
22 FR Stores spares pko press-de smet pko press - de smet 60(cfa4 g4a)
23 DE Laboratory scales
24 IT Pressure recorder rototherm
25 DE Electromagnetic flowmeter promag 10p50 dn50 2
26 FR Laboratory materials
27 FR Industrial scale
28 IT Grease and gear oil
29 DE Gb15t screw press and digester spare parts
30 FR Pressure recorder machine spare parts
31 IT Sterilizers door seal
32 ZA Fruit elevator chain
33 GB Sludge separator spare parts
34 US Ripple mill
35 GB Ripple mill spare parts
36 DE Crackers
37 FR Expellers and filters
38 IT Dupping greats for boiler boiler rotary control
39 DE Flow meters
40 DE Boiler complete
41 ZA Turbine
42 IT Pko presses
43 IT Pko filter
44 IT Bucket elevator
45 FR Screw conveyor
46 FR Chain conveyor
47 DE Spo presses
48 DE Digester
49 DE Thresher
50 IT Tilting sterilizer
51 ZA Tools set
52 GB Bearings belts electric convactors
53 US Pump
54 DE Hydraulic conveyor drive
55 DE Vibrating screen
56 DE Flender gear box
57 FR Portable bag conveyor
58 US Centrifugal pump and motor
59 IT Thermometers
60 DE Pressure gauge electrical unit for crane
61 DE Iron cable of crane
62 FR Sprocket and chain for conveyor
63 FR Boiler feed pump
64 FR Steam valves
65 IT Gate valves
66 ZA Portable welding machine
67 ZA Gaskets bosing pump
68 FR Water levels controller
69 DE Desanding system
70 FR Desanding system spare parts
71 DE Screen for vibrating screen
72 DE Avr for turbine
73 FR Safety valves
74 ZA Landing tractor spare parts. Cat950h
75 FR Oil cooler (re201108) and cooler (at349656)
76 IT Spare parts for hbm matera grader
77 DE Spare parts for hbm nobas grader machine
78 FR Naf-tech diesel combustion enhancer
79 DE Cat 428f back hoe loader
80 ZA Hubodometer
81 IT Spare parts manitou (mc 70) gym equipment
82 FR Bell spare parts
83 FR Bomag compactor spare parts
84 FR Micron chemical applicator
85 ZA Budding knives
86 DE Oil palm seed planting materials
87 FR Double canon sprayer (tractor mounted)
88 DE Cultiplow
89 GB Mesh containers
90 FR Irrigation materials
91 FR Microshot 8mm & 12mm
92 FR Metal sprayer nozzle
93 IT Tips
94 FR Mercedes benz trailer 1unit
95 US Cultiplow (4units)
96 FR Disposable metal base
97 GB Container seal
98 IT Standard rubber
99 IT Cigarette paper
100 DE Plastic packaging materials
101 FR Sphere spare parts for pelletizers
102 FR Hydraulic pumps
103 GE Centrifugal pumps & assorted spare parts
104 GB Hydraulic valves & oil cooler
105 ZA Spare parts for 100 ton twin chamber press
106 DE Laboratory Consumable
107 IT Laboratory Calibration Kit
108 DE Portable Metal Detector
109 US Heat Guns & Assorted Spare Parts
110 IT Dow Corning Gel (Silicone)
111 GB Conveyor Belt For Metal Detector
112 FR Multicenter
113 IT Clamp Meter
114 FR Water Distiller
115 FR Skf Thermography Camera
116 DE Skf Induction Heater
117 FR Thermal Overload Relay
118 DE Electronic Thermal Overload Relay
119 ZA Contactor
120 FR Circuit Breaker
121 DE Auxiliary Contact Lock Push Bottom
122 DE Auxiliary Contact Block
123 IT Pilot Lamp
124 FR Analog Timer
125 FR Limit
126 DE Transformer
127 DE Lighting Capacitor Fuses
128 FR Power relays
129 DE Hydraulic system spare parts
130 DE Electric contactors and breakers
131 FR Lawn mower (4units) & mower spare parts
132 ZA Cb p15 twin screw press
133 US Gea per-cleaner and cyclone unit
134 FR Atmindo boiler
135 FR Sludge centrifuge machine