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Product Certificate No.: IMP06160005P
Issued to: Amarava Agro Processors Ltd
Issued Date: 23 Jun 2016
Issued by: SON834


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1 IN 1 no PRE CLEANER PADDY CLEANER Made of steel with sieve boat of laminated wood. With inlet feed roll, pre-aspiration, final aspiration
2 IN 2 nos DESTONER It is a closed circuit pressure type De-stoner with a suction system and inclined oscillatory screen with primary and second
3 IN 1 no VIBRO CLASSIFIER To remove impurities of high and lower physical size of product Made with laser cut mild steel and aluminum compon
4 IN 1 no DE STONER To remove stones equivalent to the physical size of product. built on MS structural frame with laser cut steel sheets
5 IN 2 nos PADDY HUSKER. It is a closed circuit pressure type-de husking machine that removes husk from th paddy with the help of two different
6 IN 2 nos HUSK SEPARATOR To separate Husk from paddy & brown rice Constructed in M.S welded steel sheet structure and comes with a Dynamic
7 IN 1 no PADDY SEPARATOR It is a tray type paddy separator consisting of 2 sets of screens oscillating in opposite directions. It separates pa
8 IN 1 no THICKNESS GRADER Made of steel with sieveboat of laminated wood. With inlet with weight loaded valve,.Sieveboat with 1 scalping scree
9 IN 4 nos ABRASIVE WHITENER It scratches aand partially remove the bran layer of the brown rice during its travel in the machine from a bottom
10 IN 3 nos FRICTION POLISHER it is vertical type of friction polisher that remove the residual adhering bran layer of the rice processed from
11 IN 3 nos BLOWER FOR BRAN COLLECTION To suck out bran from the whitening process by preventing suction of air from the atmosphere Constructed
12 IN 1 no DOUBLE DECK GRADER To differentiate and separate product based on physical size of product Constructed in M.S with laser cut steel an
13 IN 2 nos SILKY POLISHER Used for Buffing polishing of white rice Constructed in M.S with laser cut steel sheet structure Has a built in Capa
14 IN 1 no MIST FRICTION POLISHER It is vertical type of friction polisher that imparts silky polish to the rice with the help of Mist spray arra
15 IN 1 no RICE SHIFTER With inlet feed roller, pre-aspiration,tail aspiration and waste outlet on right hand side.
16 IN 1 no LENGTH GRADER To Segregate the product by the virtue of its length Constructed in MS with laser cut steel sheet sturcture and cons
17 IN 22 nos ELEVATOR Application: conveying of product in vertical direction construction; M.S with laser cut steel sheet structure Salient feat
18 IN 4 nos PAR BOILING AND DRIER Complete supply of non pressure par - boiling plant consisting of 12 soaking tanks each 3.0 tons capacity made o