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Product Certificate No.: IMP0719163676P
Issued Date: 17 Jul 2019
Issued by: SON1154


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2 IN INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY : Generators for electricity generation 3
3 IN Furnace Burners, Mechanical Stokers, Mechanical ash dischargers and similar appliances
4 IN Industrial air compressors
5 IN Industrial furnace or laboratory furnaces, Induction Melting Furnace and ovens and parts,
6 IN Furnace lining material, liquid steel sampler, Thermal tester, Heating tubes for reheating furnace
7 IN Reheating furnace with heat resistnace material, lining material, burners with auxiliaries & accessories
8 IN Welding machine and coilers with motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
9 IN Metal Structural Rolling Mill and Rolls including parts, spares, motors, auxiliaries & accessories
10 IN AOD working lining parts and accessories
11 IN Slag Crushing & Grinding machine comprising parts, accessories and auxiliaries.
12 IN Metal Shredder Machine with conveyor, motors, auxiliaries & accessories
13 IN Heat exchanger units, Slag Pots, Laddle Pots,
14 IN Air Pollution control devices with motors, auxiliaries and accessories.
15 IN Industrial Weigh Bridges, Weighing machine, weights of all kinds, parts of weighing machinery
16 IN Binding Wire Machines with auxiliaries, motors & accessories.
17 IN Machinery for liquidifying air or other gases and liquid.
18 IN Overhead travelling cranes, tractors, trolley, gantry cranes, mobile crane, stacker, other jacks, Grapple and hoists.
19 IN Material handling equipment, Lifting frames and straddle carriers, works trucks fitted with a crane,
20 IN Plant & Equipment for making welding electrode (MS SS) with motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
21 IN Converter, ladles, ingot, mould casting machines parts, accessories and auxiliaries.
22 IN Furnace working lining parts and accessories.
23 IN Electric furnaces and ovens, including Arc Furnace, LFR, all parts including furnace linings, graphite carbon electrodes
24 IN Fork-lift trucks, Excavator, other lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery
25 IN C-Hooks, transfer cars, trolleys, wire ropes and slings, pallet trucks
26 IN Metal turning lathe, Shaping machine, Milling Machine, Grinding machine, Drilling machine
27 IN Lathes, Machine-tools, Bailing press, Hydraulic presses, Power saw
28 IN Work Shop Equipment comprising cutting machine, shaping slotting slitters broaching gear cutting machine
29 IN Welding machine and coilers with motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
30 IN Work Shop tools like forging hammering punching notching hydraulic presses
31 IN Cold Ribbing machines inclusive of ribbing die block comprising motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
32 IN Razor blade fencing machine, barb wire plant, chain link fencing machine, wire products plant, wire rod electroplating plant,
33 IN Wire shearing machine, Wire Drawing Plant, Weld Mesh Machine, Binding wire Machine, motors, auxiliaries & accessories
34 IN Wire Rod Processing equipments comprising auxiliaries and accessories
35 IN Filtering or purifying machinery, centrifugal dryers and apparatus for gases
36 IN Pumps, valves, pipe tube fittings, flanges, water softening plant, effluent treatment plant, water filtering plant, DM plant.
37 IN Automatic regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus.
38 IN Machinery and apparatus for soldering, brazing or welding,
39 IN Ball, Roller bearings, thrusts, needle bearings.
40 IN Electrical Transformer, Parts of transformers (e.g. rectifiers, inductors, connectors, tubes etc.).
41 IN Recycled water recovery plant along with cooling towers parts and accessories.
42 IN Rectifiers, inductors, connectors, tubes etc.
43 IN Industrial Oxygen & Nitrogen Gas plant comprising parts and accessories.
44 IN Spectrometers, UTM & other quality control Lab equipments
45 IN Electrical substation parts & equipment comprising HT, LT synchronizing and distribution & other panels, busbars & conductors.
46 IN Switchboard, relays, circuit breaker, incoming & outgoing cables.
47 IN Control switch, breaker control switch & structure frame of steel structure.
48 IN Electro Magnets for steel lifting.
49 IN Steel Rolling Mill motors
50 IN Steel Straps Strapping system
51 IN Automatic Circuit Breakers, Isolating switches and make-and-break switches
52 IN Lightning arresters, Voltage limiters and surge suppressors, UPS, HMI
53 IN Boards, panels, consoles, desks, cabinets and other bases
54 IN Co-axial cable and other co-axial electric conductors, electrical cables.
55 IN Fire Fighting Equipment including pumping system, fire hydrant system.
56 IN Fire safety alarm system. Safety Masks & shoes, helmet, aprons, Eco Friendly gas based fire suppression systems.
57 IN Lighting Equipment including mast, lighting housing, control switch, lamps, lights & fittings
58 IN INDUSTRIAL MATERIAL: Refractory cements, mortars for furnace, Refractory Blocks, insulation material, Ceramic fiber for furnaces, Mineral wool
59 IN Transformer insulating oil, Light Fuel Oil, Lubricant for blending, grease, machine lubricant
60 IN Tubes Pipes for Gas Raw water circulation
61 IN Hot Rolled Steel Sheets Coils Plates Chequered Sheet, Flat Rolled alloy steel
62 IN Cold Rolled Steel Sheets Coils
63 IN Wire Rod in Coil
64 IN Aluminium coil sheet
65 IN Galvanized coil sheet
66 IN Steel Billets
67 IN Zinc coated wire.
68 IN Angles, IPE-AA UB UC HEA HEB, shapes and sections
69 IN Structural Steel for Bridge & Bridge Sections & other steel structures.
70 IN Prefabricated Structures
71 IN Binding Wire, Welded Wire Mesh
72 IN Polyster strip
73 IN Steel strap
74 IN Ramming Mass, Refractory Mortar
75 IN Silico Manganese, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Ferro Alloy, Calcium Silicide Core Wire Wrap
76 IN Waste old papers
77 IN Phosphotizing chemical
78 IN Hydrochloric acid
79 IN Degresing Compound, Ammonium Chloride, Flux material
80 IN Hydrochloric Chromatic Acid Printing Ink Thinner.
81 IN Quick Lime, Calcined Dolomite, Fluorite, Sintered Magnesia, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Amorphous Graphite, Carbon Briquette, Calcium Silicide
82 IN Wire Drawing Powder, Cellulose Powder, Mica Powder, Quartz Powder, Soapstone, Talc Powder, Chinaclay Powder, Titanium Dioxide
83 IN Aluminium Powder, Manganese Powder, Iron Powder, Barium Carbonate, Ferro Titanium.