Product Certificate



Product Certificate No.: IMP0719164063P
Issued to: Seven Up Bottling Co Ltd
Issued Date: 17 Jul 2019
Issued by: SON1154


Country of origin

Product code

Product description


1 GB Air Cylinder, Allen keys, Spanner, Analog temperature transducers, Anugular contact ball bearing, arch magnetic chain
2 GB Articulated shaft, axle, backing roller, basket type-ring, bearing,ball, groove,bracket,ball holder complete
3 PL Bell DMR, Bellow, gas control cylinder, valve needle, Belt Pulley shaft ,Bevel wheel shaft, Blade, Blanket cylinder guard switch
4 GB Block lock, Blue Plastic wear strip, Bolt fork fastener, Brake disk, Bottle plate, stopper star, bridge, buffer topside
5 HU Buffering piece, Burner Controller, Bushing, cable valve 90, cam ledge,cap,chain bearer, lock iddler,links,dog con,tensioner,pitch,wheel
6 GB Tightener, cheese head bolt hexagonal socket, Circlip VA, Clamping Bolt, Clasp, Clutch torque, collar bushing.
7 GB Welding Powder, Compact Cylinder 50 Boxer, compressor air screwdriver, compression ring hardened
8 DK Configuration memory, conn link, connection piece, controller, conveyor belt, conveyor drive module-conv ht, discharge disc, flap
9 DK cork shoe, cotter pins, c-profile, cylinder liner, deep groove ball bearing, Diaphram,diode module-con ht, Discharge disc flap
10 CZ Distribution Lever,drive shaft, drive wheel, driving band, Element,air filter,coolant filter,separator
11 DK Emergency relay, fan motor,feeder, sucker piston, fixed side relay, flange bearing, coupling pulley, flat belt
12 GB Flat gear box, flat head screw, flex lock nut, switch cable, fork fastener, fork head internal thread, fork pneumatic cylinder
13 BE Friction disk, full tool box, safety switches, fuel filter,water pump, gasket, gear roller, governor unit
14 GB Gripper bell, grooved ball bearing, guide belt,plate,ring,roller,band,piston rod,hexagonal jam nut.
15 FR High pressure switch, holding sheet, housing hub, gasket kit, indexer cone,drive, ink, journal, knob
16 DE Lead-in-nozzle,leaf spring, led indicator,ledge, linear guide, link pin,lip seal, load disk, lock ring, lubricating pump, grease
17 GB Machine Controller, magnetic flex curve, magnetic piston, matting chain rubbering , mitto 120 coating machine
18 DE Molding, Mold holder arm , needle valve, nickel based hardsurfacing alloy nut, O-ring, oil level sensor
19 IN Oil Ultra FG, synthetic rotary lubricant, overthrust sheet metal, package , pawl, ink fountain, pillow box, pinion
20 CZ Pin for equalizer, pin pawl, piston guide band, plug, pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic grease, pre-sorting worm
21 IN Pressure lever, pressure regulating valve, profile,pull rod,pusher full assembly, quick acting, radial packing ring, radial shaft sealing ring
22 DK Rail, rear female trunnion, renold, repair kit, pressure reducer, resecting sheet, return gas nozzle, return gas pipe.
23 IN Rockwell, roller clutch, roller housing, rubber press, runner for sheet strip, safety plate, scrapper blade
24 PL Set coller, set of seals, control valve, set screw, shear blade, shim, sheet metal, sideway release, silencer
25 DK Sleeve,sleeve bearing, slide bush, sider, sliding ledge, segment, slowdown cylinder assembly, soleniod valve SP clip, spacer
26 CZ Split ring, spool clevis extension,spool for vacuum valve, spring bolt, spring gripper, spring pin, spring retainer.
27 CN Spring Sidelay, Sprocket , viberation device, spur gear wheel,square head bolt, star, stop buffer, straining ring bearing
28 CN Stripper , stripping ring, rod, stud, sucker, rubber, swivel elbow, system box cable, takeout tongue holder
29 DE Temperature controller, tension spring , timing belt, tooth belt, tooth belt roller, track roller, tube end reducer
30 GB Unloader cooling motor, unloader extractor motor, vacuum valve body-feeder, v-belt endless, Vs-ring, vulkollan roller , washer internal
31 GB Amorphous PET resin, high density polyethylene, PVC Compound Lacquer, PVC free linner, master batch, enamel, sevelon
32 GB Machinery and Spares, machinery spareparts for glass bottle manufacturing , plastic screen, lab testing equipment
33 CN PTC Temperature prob, durital, riv cartage, mould holder arm
34 CN Biodegradable fluid, Monobutyltin tri-chloride , Polypropylene closures , baking solution concentrate
35 GB Sunset Yellow, Tertrazine
36 GB food grade grease and oil
37 IN Pipes and fittings, fitting chequered plate and cables, spares for bottling plant, motor gear box
38 IN Enamel, 4HD Case packer for glass bottles, trimming sperator
39 GB Wickets, wiper, wood ruff stob knob,worm gear, tin free steel, machinery for glass mould
40 PL Screw Vent ring, seal ring, seal valve seat, seal valve ring sensors, separating filter, service kit