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Product Certificate No.: IMP0818135329P
Issued Date: 16 Aug 2018
Issued by: SON1137


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2 IN INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY : Generators for electricity generation 3
3 IN Industrial Machinery : Veneer Line Machine with motors, Reeled Veneer Rack & Unreeling, auxiliaries & accessories
4 IN Industrial Machinery : Sanding Conveyor Line with Lifter, Pusher, Stacker, Turner, auxiliaries & accessories
5 IN Industrial Machinery : Industrial air compressors,
6 IN Industrial Machinery : Industrial furnace or laboratory furnaces and ovens and parts, furnace lining material,
7 IN Industrial Machinery : Thermic Fluid Heater (Incl. Boiler House pipeline), Wood Waste Boiler, Thermal Oil Boiler, auxiliaries & accessories
8 IN Industrial Machinery : Pressing Line -Cold Press, Hot Press with Loading Unloading, motors, auxiliaries & accessories
9 IN Industrial Machinery : Hydraulic Veener Peeling machine, Band Dryer with Feeding & Discharge Conveyors, motors, auxiliaries & accessories
10 IN Industrial Machinery : Roller Veneer Dryer (With Discharge Conveyor) with motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
11 IN Industrial Machinery : Plywood Line Machine and Face veener with motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
12 IN Industrial Machinery : Auto Board Cutting Line (L-Type), Slotting Machine
13 IN Industrial Machinery : Mechanical Spindle Peeling, Reeled Veneer Rack & Unreeling, Pneumatic Clipper, Hydraulic Debarker
14 IN Industrial Machinery : Mechanical Spindle less Peeling with Inbuilt Cuttter, Guillotine Jointer, Pneumatic Paddle Chopper
15 IN Industrial Machinery : Knife Grinder, 4ft CNC Spindless Peeling with Auto Clipper
16 IN Industrial Machinery : Heat exchanger units
17 IN Industrial Machinery : Air Pollution control devices with motors, auxiliaries and accessories.
18 IN Industrial Machinery : Industrial Weigh Bridges, Weighing machine, weights of all kinds, parts of weighing machinery
19 IN Industrial Machinery : Full Plant Pipeline with Valves, Flanges, Strainer, bends, Insulation, 3-way valve & Booster pump for 5 Hot presses.
20 IN Industrial Machinery : Machinery for liquidifying air or other gases and liquid.
21 IN Industrial Machinery : Overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes, mobile crane, stacker, other jacks, Grapple and hoists.
22 IN Industrial Machinery : Lifting frames and straddle carriers, works trucks fitted with a crane,
23 IN Industrial Machinery : Plant & Equipment for making welding electrode (MS SS) with motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
24 IN Industrial Machinery : Inter Connecting Conveyor, Post Lamination Hot Press, Glue Spreader, Glue Mixture, motors, auxiliaries & accessories
25 IN Industrial Machinery : Furnace working lining parts and accessories.
26 IN Industrial Machinery : Electric furnaces and ovens, graphite carbon electrodes
27 IN Industrial Machinery : Fork-lift trucks, Excavator, other lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery,
28 IN Industrial Machinery : C-Hooks, transfer cars, trolleys, wire ropes and slings, pallet trucks,
29 IN Industrial Machinery : Metal turning lathe, Shaping machine, Milling Machine, Grinding machine, Drilling machine,
30 IN Industrial Machinery : Lathes, Machine-tools, Bailing press, Hydraulic presses, Power saw
31 IN Industrial Machinery : Work Shop Equipment comprising cutting machine, shaping slotting slitters broaching gear cutting machine,
32 IN Industrial Machinery : Welding machine and coilers with motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
33 IN Industrial Machinery : Work Shop tools like forging hammering punching notching hydraulic presses
34 IN Industrial Machinery : Cold Ribbing machines inclusive of ribbing die block comprising motors, auxiliaries & accessories.
35 IN Industrial Machinery : Mechanical spindle peeling machine motrs, auxiliaries & accessories.
36 IN Industrial Machinery : Ventilated Roller Veneer Dryer, Veneer continuous scarf jointing and cutting machine,
37 IN Industrial Machinery : Filtering or purifying machinery, centrifugal dryers and apparatus for gases
38 IN Industrial Machinery : Pumps, valves, pipe tube fittings, flanges, water softening plant, effluent treatment plant, water filtering plant, DM pl
39 IN Industrial Machinery : Automatic regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus.
40 IN Industrial Machinery : Machinery and apparatus for soldering, brazing or welding,
41 IN Industrial Machinery : Ball, Roller bearings, thrusts, needle bearings.
42 IN Industrial Machinery : Electrical Transformer, Parts of transformers (e.g. rectifiers, inductors, connectors, tubes etc.).
43 IN Industrial Machinery : Recycled water recovery plant along with cooling towers parts and accessories.
44 IN Industrial Machinery : Rectifiers, inductors, connectors, tubes etc.
45 IN Industrial Machinery : Industrial Gas plant comprising parts and accessories.
46 IN Industrial Machinery : Spectrometers, UTM & other quality control Lab equipments
47 IN Industrial Machinery : Electrical substation parts & equipment comprising HT, LT synchronizing and distribution & other panels,.
48 IN Industrial Machinery : busbars & conductors Switchboard, relays, circuit breaker, incoming & outgoing cables.
49 IN Industrial Machinery : Control switch, breaker control switch & structure frame of steel structure.
50 IN Industrial Machinery : Electro Magnets for steel lifting.
51 IN Industrial Machinery : Mill motors.
52 IN Industrial Machinery : Straps Strapping system
53 IN Industrial Machinery : Automatic Circuit Breakers, Isolating switches and make-and-break switches,
54 IN Industrial Machinery : Lightning arresters, Voltage limiters and surge suppressors, UPS, HMI
55 IN Industrial Machinery : Boards, panels, consoles, desks, cabinets and other bases
56 IN Industrial Machinery : Co-axial cable and other co-axial electric conductors, electrical cables.
57 IN Industrial Machinery : Fire Fighting Equipment including pumping system, fire hydrant system.
58 IN Industrial Machinery : Fire safety alarm system. Safety Masks & shoes, helmet, aprons, Eco Friendly gas based fire suppression systems.
59 IN Industrial Machinery : Lighting Equipment including mast, lighting housing, control switch, lamps, lights & fittings
60 IN Industrial Material : Refractory cements, mortars for furnace, Refractory Blocks, insulation material, Ceramic fiber for furnaces
61 IN Industrial Material : Transformer insulating oil, Light Fuel Oil, Lubricant for blending, machine lubricant
62 IN Industrial Material : Tubes Pipes for Gas Raw water circulation
63 IN Industrial Material : Hot Rolled Steel Sheets Coils Plates Chequered Sheet, Flat Rolled alloy steel
64 IN Industrial Material : Zinc coated wire.
65 IN Industrial Material : Angles, IPE-AA UB UC HEA HEB, shapes and sections
66 IN Industrial Material : Structural Steel for Bridge & Bridge Sections & other steel structures.
67 IN Industrial Material : Prefabricated Structures
68 IN Industrial Material : Binding Wire, Polyster Strip, Steel Strap
69 IN Industrial Material : Waste old news paper
70 IN Industrial Material : Self Adhesive Tape
71 IN Industrial Raw Material : Coated Paper
72 IN Industrial Raw Material : Polyester Yarn
73 IN Industrial Raw Material : Veneer tape
74 IN Industrial Raw Material : Hot Melt Glue
75 IN Industrial Raw Material : Resin
76 IN Industrial Raw Material : Test Paper, Phenol Paper, Melamine Paper, Industrial Paper
77 IN Industrial Raw Material : Paper (In Rolls)
78 IN Industrial Raw Material : Polymer based glue
79 IN Industrial Raw Material : Plastic Impregnated Paper, Sulphite Wrapping Paper, Craft Paper
80 IN Industrial Raw Material : Semi Chemical Fluting Paper
81 IN Industrial Raw Material : Impregnated Paper
82 IN Industrial Raw Material : Synthetic Resin Adhesive
83 IN Industrial Raw Material : MF Resin, UF Resin
84 IN Industrial Raw Material : Natural Veneer, Engineered Veneer, Synthetic Veneer
85 IN Industrial Raw Material : Flux Material