Product Certificate



Product Certificate No.: IMP09169362P
Issued Date: 14 Sep 2016
Issued by: SON1101


Country of origin

Product code

Product description


1 US Mobile Equip Above Ground & Earthmover Equip excl Spares
2 US Mobile Equipment Below Ground - Excl. Spare Parts
3 US Fixed Equip (Wash Plant, Crushers, Mills, Conveyor Belts)
4 US Fixed Equip - Spare Parts
5 US Mobile Equip Above and Below Ground - Spares (incl Tires)
6 GB Blasting Agent Production (eg. Ammonium Nitrate)
7 GB Blasting - Accessories (Detonators, Connectors, etc.)
8 GB Casings, Connectors, Pup joints
9 GB Pipe Fittings, Pup joints etc.
10 GB Pipe Fittings, Pup joints, Chemicals etc.
11 GB Purchase of Coring Equipment
12 GB Drill Bits
13 GB Drilling Tools, Rental Tools etc.
14 US Screens, Seals etc.
15 US Land Rigs
16 US Platform Rigs
17 NO Artificial Lift
18 NO Gravel Packing Equipment
19 FR Liner Hangers
20 FR Welhead housing, Gaskets etc.
21 FR Casing Hangers, Tubing Hangers, Drill Choke etc.
22 FR Valves, Valve Parts, Circuit Breakers etc.
23 US Float Collars, Mechanical Seals etc.
24 US Offshore Support Vessels?
25 US Chain Stud links, life buoy
26 US Pick Up Ropes
28 GB Offsh Heavy Lift Tow
29 BE Subsea Mans Umb Moor
30 BE Subsea Lines
31 BE Deck Structure Fab.
32 FR Catering Equipments - Ovens, Dish washers etc.
33 US Fasteners, Studs, Nuts
34 DK Gaskets, Seals, Packing
35 US Mechanical Valves?
36 BE Pipe, Fittings, & Flanges?
37 CN Onshore & Offshore Line Pipes
38 FR Pipe Coating Materials
39 BE Tubes - Exchanger, Furnace, Boiler
40 BE Piping materials
41 US Paints and Varnishes
42 NL Electrical Insulation Materials
43 US Misc. Maintenance Materials and Industrial Supplies - Other?
44 JP Hand and Machine Tools
45 GB Dryers, Filters?
46 US Furnaces, Incinerators?
47 US Heat Exchangers?
48 US Loading Arms
49 CN Process Water, Effluent Treating Equipment?
50 GB Tanks, Spheres, Storage Silos (Shop Field Fabricated)  ?
51 GB Towers, Drums, Reactors?
52 GB Vapour Recovery Units?
53 US Waste Heat Boilers?
54 GB Static Equip Other
55 AE Bearings?
56 CH Blowers
57 US Electric Motors & Drives
58 US Electric Motors & Drives - Aftermarket Parts & Services?
59 GB Mills Mineral Proces
60 CH Steel Liner for Mill
61 FR Other Liner for Mill
62 US Grinding Steel
63 GB Gas Turbines - All New Units (including EPC directed purchases)
64 GB Gas Turbs all sizes
65 US Mechanical Seals
66 US Compressors?
67 US Pumps?
68 GB Pumps Svcs Only
69 AE Generators? and Spare Parts
70 US Engine Driven Equipment?
71 SE Engine Driven Equipment - Aftermarket Parts & Services?
72 DE Steam Turb Generator
73 BE Steam Turb Other
74 ES Steam Turb AMP&S
75 US Rotating Equip Other
76 US Cable, Conduit and Electrical Fittings?
77 DE Lighting Fixtures, Lamps?
78 US Electrical Equip Oth
79 SG Control Panels
80 US Field ContrH Instrum
81 US Laboratory Equipment
82 US Process Cont Systems
83 BE Shut Down Systems
84 CH Valves - Safety Relief?
85 FR Valves - Control?
86 AT Instrum Controls Oth
87 FR ?Industrial and Chemical Cleaning Services
88 US Fabr Constr Engring
89 GB Laboratory Work
90 GB Marine Surveying
91 US Catalyst Regen Rejuv
92 NO Hydrogen Catalyts
93 GB FCC Catalysts Additives
94 CN Adsorbents
95 AT Precious Metal Catal
96 BE Other Polymer Catalysts
97 CA Other Catalysts
98 CA Chem-Caustic Soda
99 CA Sulfuric Acid
100 CA Hydrofluoric Acid
101 CA Purchase of Methanol
102 DK Aluminum Alkyls
103 SE Purchase of Glycols
104 GB LAOs used by PE (mPE), Intermediates, and Synthetics (eg Mobil 1) businesses.
105 BE Purchase of Polymer Processing Aids
106 CN Packaged Chemicals
107 DK Water Treatment Chemicals
108 DK Process Treatment Chemicals - (desalting, antifoulants, demulsifiers, antifoams)
109 SG Purchase of Oilfield Speciality Chemicals and the Supporting Technical Services?
110 GB Chem-Production Spec
111 GB Chem-Refining Specif
112 GB Oxygenated Solvents include alcohols and ketones for use in manufacturing and production (excl Ethanol and Methanol).
113 US Purchase of Hydrocarbon & Other Misc Solvents & Oils (e.g. Isopars, MeCl, THF, Sunpar Oil, etc)
114 GB Adhesion Prod. Raw Materials (piperylenes, DCPD, styrene, K-resin, PMS, etc)
115 FR Other Inorganics
116 DE Electricity
117 GB Industrial Water
118 BE Natural Gas
119 CA Industrial Gases
120 DK Finish Lubs fo Resale
121 US Use this GMSG for activities associated with Polymers BUs only (SEB, PO, Films, AIB, Butyl)
122 BG Other Utilities
123 SE Thermoplastic elastomers and other specialty elastomers
124 BG Distillate Fuel
125 CN Motor Gasoline
126 US Petroleum Prod.-Othr
127 CN Diesel Additives - This includes Cetane improver
128 ZA Fuel Additives, Other?
129 TW Lube Oil Additv Othr
130 US Purch.Petrol.Product
131 CN Additives Other
132 US Automotive Oil
133 US Grease
134 VN Industrial Oil
135 US Corporate Aircraft
136 US ?Aircraft and Aircraft Part Purchases for Operations
137 US Transportation equipment 
138 US Cranes Parts Repairs
139 BE Ship Maint Parts Rep
140 US Tractor Trail Trucks?
141 US Vans Cars Pick-ups
142 US Vehicle Parts Repair
143 US Transportation equipment 
144 CH Transprt Eqpmnt Othr
145 US ?Road Transport - Other
146 GB Containers for the conveyance packing of goods
147 PL A movable top, cap, lid or cover made of plastic and used for closing bottles that contain lubricants and greases. Closures are available in vari
148 BE Containers (Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC); ISO Containers; Bulk Liquid Containers (BLC); Flexitank; Flexibag; Flexible Intermediate Bulk Con
149 RO Container made of plastic resin (HDPE: high density polyethylene), the neck is narrower than the body and has an opening at the top. These bottle
150 AE Labels are tags made of paper, PP: Polypropylene, HDPE: high density polyethylene, PET and other materials. These are adhered to bottles, pails,
151 ES LPG Valves Regulator
152 ES LPG Filling Equipmnt
153 CN Set of machinery and equipment that is used for the mixing of raw materiales and filling of lubricants at the Lube Oil Blending Plants. This cate
154 BE An open or tight-head cylindrical container or barrel used to containing, storing and transporting lubricants manufactured at the Lube Oil Blendi
155 FI This service refers to the process of entering into an agreement with an outside party to perform certain activities related to the blending, pro
156 US Lubes Warehousing
157 CA Crates - Wood, Metal, Cardboard (4595)?
158 AT Plastic Bags - FFS Bags; Valve Bags; Q Bags; etc. & Plastic Films Hoods Wraps -Shrink Hood; Stretch Wrap; Pads; Stretch Hood; etc.?
159 DE Canopies & Car Wash Enclosures
160 FR Car Wash Equipment supply and installation
161 CA C-store Modular (pre-fabricated) buildings
162 DE Display Equipment & Counters for C Stores
163 CZ Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning heat exchange equipemnt for C-stores
164 IT Retail Site Security Equipment (CCTV)
165 IT Pumps and Dispensers Retail (and associated equipment)
166 GB Signage (manufacturing and installation)
167 ES Retail Tank Gauges & Leak Detection Equipment
168 NL underground storage tanks for fuel
169 IT Underground Piping Systems Retail
170 DK Retail Equipment Oth
171 SG  Construction Work - Retail (Capital; incl. Modernisation)?
172 TH Maintenance - Retail (Expense; Parts and Labor)
173 IE Retail Cons Main Oth
174 US Wholesale distribution of resale goods to retail stores. Includes, but not limited to tobacco, beverages, candy, snacks, food, automotive, coffee
175 GB Packaging Supplies for C-Store food service (cups, napkins, straws, plastic utensils, etc.)
176 US Electronic cash registers POS Systems, Low End Terminals, PIN Pads, Back Office Systems, Pay at the Pump equipment(CRINDs, CATS, etc.) Island Car
177 AT Office Machines: Copiers, Facsimiles and other machines
178 TH Office Furnishings: Furniture, Carpet, etc. – Equipment
179 IT Office Supplies Stationary Paper
180 CH Security Systems Materials (CCTV, Card Systems, Surveillance Systems, etc.) - Equipment
181 BE Medic Fire Safet Oth
182 GB Hardware- Desktop PC's (including other workstations, laptops & software purchased with the hardware)-Equipment
183 PL Hardware-Servers (Minicomputer systems, high medium low end servers including maintenance and operating Systems)-Equipment
184 AT Hardware-Peripherals-PC & Shared LAN (Monitors, Cabling, Printers, CD Readers, Faxes, Consumables)-Equipment
185 US Inform Systems Other
186 GB Telecom Networks Hardware Equipment Maintenance (Hubs, Routers etc)
187 CN Telecom User Hardware Equipment Maintenance - (Voice systems, phones, faxes)
188 FI Telecom Other
189 AT Pails are deep, open-top cylindrical containers, usually made of plastic or metal, with a handle, normally holding five gallons and usually used
190 CN Refrigeration (Coolers, Freezers, Chillers etc) to dispense food & drinks in C-stores