Product Certificate



Product Certificate No.: IMP0918139433P
Issued to: CHI LIMITED
Issued Date: 28 Sep 2018
Issued by: SON1137


Country of origin

Product code

Product description


2 DE Dairy pasteurization machinery
3 DE Spares for Dairy Pasteurization Machinery
4 DE Dairy processing line
5 DE Spares for Dairy processing line
6 DE Dairy packaging machinery
7 DE Spares for Dairy packaging machinery
8 DE Fruit Juice pasteurization machinery
9 DE Spares for fruit juice pasteurization machinery
10 DE Fruit Juice filling machinery
11 DE Spares for fruit juice filling machinery
12 DE Dairy filling machinery
13 DE Spares for Dairy filling machinery
14 DE Fruit Juice packaging machinery
15 DE Spares for Fruit Juice packaging machinery
16 DE Mixing tanks and agitators
17 DE Industrial machinery and spares
18 DE Bakery packaging machinery
19 DE Baking mixing machinery
20 DE Baking equipment and spares
21 DE Pilot Plant for juice & dairy product development
22 DE Spares for Pilot Plant
23 DE Laboratory equipments & spares
24 DE Industrial flexible packaging materials, shrink wrap & shrink wrappers, laminates and pouches
25 DE Tetrapak Aseptic Laminates
26 DE Combibloc Aseptic Pouches
27 DE Caprisun Pouches
28 DE Adhesive paper and pvc tapes
29 DE Industrial Seals, Robolock Pull Tight
30 DE Packaging Accessories MPM strips
31 DE Packaging Accessories Caps
32 DE Packaging Accessories Glue
33 DE U Shaped straws
34 DE Diesel and electric forklift
35 DE Traction batterries
36 DE Tyres and batteries for forklift
37 DE Spare parts for forklift
38 DE conveyor system and spares
39 DE Spares for Air dehumidifier
40 DE Air compressors, Air drier & spares
41 DE Air Drier
42 DE Spares for Air compressors and driers
43 DE Air dehumidifier
44 DE AHU & spares
45 DE Burner and spares
46 DE Steam boiler and spares
47 DE Three way diverter damper
48 DE Steam boiler
49 DE Steel structure
50 DE Sandwich panels doors windows shutter doors cubicles
51 DE steel trunking system
52 DE Stainless steel pipes and fitting
53 DE Suspended ceiling
54 DE Water treatment plant and spares
55 DE Plumbing materials and sanitary wares
56 DE Pumps and motors
57 DE spares and filters for diesel & gas generator set
58 DE Bio Gas generator spares
59 DE Industrial electrical items and fittings
60 DE UPS system and batteries
61 DE Vapor Absorption Machinery and spares
62 DE Vapour absorption chiller
63 DE Spares for Vapour absorption machinery
64 DE Ice crusher, drum dumper equipment & spares
65 DE Ice flake machine & spares
66 DE coding machines & spares
67 DE Scanners & printers
68 DE Cooling system, compressor
69 DE Spares for Cooling system, compressor
70 DE Rokogel Xanthan Gum
71 DE Resistamyl Starch
72 DE Modified starch Condio CVP
73 DE Petro Canada lubricant
74 DE Electrical panels, led lights, cable trays, trunking
75 DE Electrical cable
76 DE ETP equipment & spares
77 DE Promotional Materials such as Branded umbrellas, football,beach ball,coolers,colour pencil set