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Product Certificate No.: IMP102018492P
Issued Date: 14 Oct 2020
Remarks: N/A
Issued by: 1137


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1 US 8431490000 mobile cranes,Buffing wheels,Ultrasonic testing Equipment,Gas Leak Detectors,Jetty Fenders,Spirit Level,Torque wrenches etc. N/A
2 CN 8474900000 Stainless Steel head drums, Bucket elevator cups, Fasteners, etc. N/A
3 CN 6804220000 TRILERS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Trailers with 30 MT and 40 MT capacity along with double axle, triaxle with tires and related parts. N/A
4 IT 8427900000 BATCH CODING MACHINE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES:Coding machines,Ink, Additive,Cleaning Solution. N/A
5 UA 8708300000 Transmissions, Shaft's, Connecting rods, Nozzles, Push rods,Thread lock, Engine head assembly, Injectors, Fly wheels, Bell housing, Torque convertor, N/A
6 AT 8462490000 HOT AIR GENERATOR WITH ALL ACCESSORIES:Burners,Shell and tube Heat exchangers,Electronic Controllers,Servo Motors,Blower fans,Electrical Panels. N/A
7 CN 6804220000 Sleeve lock nuts, Coupling, Spiders, Electrical panels, High Pressure Washer, etc. N/A
8 US 2520200000 various type of spanners and wrenches,chain blocks,rope pulleys,ropes,hydraulic jack,ladders,,Welding cable,electrode holder,electrodes,tyfoid. N/A
9 CN 8427900000 Painting brushes, roller brushes, L-Hooks, J-Hooks, Stainless steel/ G.I nails, Stainless steel pipes, Stainless steel Sheets, N/A
10 IT 8482200000 BARGES, BOATS & MARINE EQUIPMENTS/SPARES;Barges, Boats, Depth Finder, Hydraulic hoses, Boat Engines, N/A
11 GB 8708300000 Hydraulic pump, Hydraulic oil, Hydraulic valves, Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic pistons, Seal kits, etc. N/A
12 CN 6804220000 GRABS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:All Capacity of Grabs, hydraulic rods, Packing Kits,GENERATORS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:All capacity of gene N/A
13 NL 8431490000 Taper locks for V-pulleys,V-Drive belts,Teethed belts,calendars,dairies,glass fibre mat,rod magnets,Gauss meter,magnet frames,engine mountings, N/A
14 CN 8474800000 O-Rings, seals, bolt/nut/washers, Pins, Bushes, Bearings, Tyres, Control walls, spools, Solenoids, Solenoid Valves, Levers, N/A
15 CN 9027800000 Thermo couples. Electronic control modules, Pressure gauges, Helical casings, Helical screws, Lube Oil, etc N/A
16 IT 8474900000 WATER DISPENCER UNIT (DRINKING)WITH ALL ACCESSORIES:Filter cartridges,Stainless steel taps,compressor,condenser,evaporator,Panel,water coolers,etc N/A
17 CN 8474900000 Apron Suite, Ear muff, Nose Mask, Fire safety Hoses, Alarms, Cabinets for Fire safety, Safety Goggles, etc. N/A
18 ZA 8474900000 Electrical spares,Electronic spares,PLC,Sensors,Film roll carrier,Long seal bar drive,Pneumatic spares,Push pull rod,Plugs,Sockets,Heat Shrink machine N/A
19 GB 3819000000 RAW SALT CRUSHER WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Crusher casings, Shafts, Stainless steel hammer holders. N/A
20 IN 8482200000 Gear boxes, Fan clutchs,Radiator inter coolers, Fuel filter housings, Sockets, Adaptors, Alternators, AVR, Diode rectifier, ECM's, Control panels, N/A
21 CN 9027800000 AIR DRYER WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Air dryer, Compressor, condenser, evaporator, Valves, Electronic Control Modules, etc N/A
22 ZA 8474900000 ELECTRICAL MOTORS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES:Electrical Motors various capacity and types,Cables,Contactors,breakers,Overload relays,Timers. N/A
23 IN 3819000000 Change over panels,Measuring can, wheel spanner, socket spanner, heavy duty socket spanner, wire brush, drilling beat, hammer, air pressure gauge, N/A
24 UA 8474900000 pedals, cables, Radiators, collars, coolant, hoses, clutch plates, Brake linings, brake pads, brake drums, Oil's, N/A
25 UA 8474900000 Pumps, actuators, lights and lamps, Gages, Radiator fans, chains, Turbo chargers, Pistons, piston rings, Engines, Horns, Wipers, Shims, Gaskets, N/A
26 CN 3819000001 combination spanner, Allen key, ring spanner, adjustable spanner, screw drivers, battery tester, multi meter, grease gun, jacks, Brazing rod, N/A
27 CN 8474900000 CHEMICALS;Potassium Iodate, Sodium Ferrocyanide, Potassium Iodide, Sodium thio-sulphate, soluble starch, etc. N/A
28 AT 8482200000 Support springs, Twin Cyclones, Stainless steel ducts, Expansion bellows, etc. N/A
29 IT 8535900000 WEIGHING SCALE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES:Weighing scales,Display Unit (Monitor),Stainless Steel weighing platform. N/A
30 CN 8474900000 PH meter,Digital,thermometer,Hygrometer,Hydrometer,Glass wares,Oven,Moisture Balance,I-Check Meter,Micro meters,Vernier callipers,infrared thermometer N/A
31 CN 8474900000 Carrying Idler frames, Return idler frames, Carrying idlers, Return Idlers, Guide rollers, Belt scrapers, Metal Detector, Magnets, etc. N/A
32 CN 2520200000 saw blade, nylon, grinding disc, roller bush, gasket role , Fire extinguisher, Nylon rope, wiper blades, reflecting jackets, N/A
33 AT 8474900000 SCREW CONVEYOR WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Stainless steel trough, Stainless steel Rotary Screw, Trough cover, etc. N/A
34 GB 3819000000 stainless steel hammers, Stainless steel hammer pins, Stainless steel washers, stainless steel meshes, etc. N/A
35 ZA 8427900000 FILM REWINDING MACHINE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Rollers, Control panels, Variable frequency drives, Brake pads, etc. N/A
36 CN 8427900000 Stainless steel Threaded rod, Stainless steel Plain rod, Pipes, Various type of plumbing material, Hacksaw frame, Hacksaw blade, Barbed Wire etc N/A
37 AT 8474900000 SCREW WASHER WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Ribbon blenders & screw conveyors, Stainless steel trough, Stainless steel Rotary Screw, Trough cover,etc. N/A
38 US 8474900000 TOOLS AND TACKLES (ELECTRICAL)WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES: Cable crimping(lugging)tools,meggers,multi meters,clamp meters,volt meters, ampere meter. N/A
39 CN 8482200000 GEAR BOX (SPEED REDUCERS) WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Gear Boxes, Input pinion, Worm gear, Intermediate gear, Oil seals, etc. N/A
40 IN 3819000000 Transmission housings, Gears, Axles, Bulbs, Cam shaft, Pump kits, Hydraulic cylinder shaft,Check Nuts, Cutting edges, Sheet Plates, Channels, Muffler N/A
41 CN 8482200000 DOSING PUMPS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES:Pumps,Impellers,Mechanical Seals,Pistons,Seals,Valves,Stainless Steel Spray nozzles,Flow meters,Electrical panels N/A
42 AT 3819000001 CENTRIFUGAL FANS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES:Base frames,Fan casings,Fan impellers,Fan shafts,Dampers,Panel filters,Industrial Exhaust fans,Blowers,etc. N/A
43 IT 8474900000 WEIGH BRIDGE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES:Weigh bridges,Display unit,Load cells, Link plate,Load cell base,Link plate guide,cables,connectors,Junction box,etc N/A
44 US 8474900000 TOOLS AND TACKLES (MECHANICAL) WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES:Welding machine,Burning torches,hoses,cutting torches,drilling machine,grinding machine. N/A
46 CN 6804220000 CARS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Cars, lower arms, drive shafts, etc. N/A
47 CN 8474800000 BUCKET ELEVATOR WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Rubber Belts, Stainless steel bottom casings, Stainless Steel tail drums. N/A
48 IT 8431490000 STICHING CONVEYOR (SS)WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Polyamide belts, Drive and driven rollers, Geared motors, etc. N/A
49 CN 6804220000 PUMPS (SS) WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Pumps, Submersible pumps, Stainless Steel impellers,Stainless Steel shafts. N/A
50 CN 8431490000 penetrating oil,oil seals,bolt/nut/washers,paints, thinner,All type of lubricating oil, Hydraulic oil,grease,Masking tape,Insulation tape,Cello tape, N/A
51 UA 8716200000 Forward & Reverse ,switches, Solenoid coils, Fuse's. Tubes, Valves, Wiring harness, Heater plugs, Rims, Fuel pump Governors, N/A
52 AT 3819000000 VIBRO SCREEN WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES:Vibro Screens,Vibro Screen motors,Bearing Housings,Bearing seal,Meshes & Screens,Springs,Pneumatic Vibrators. N/A
53 IT 8535900000 Load cells, cables, connectors, Junction box, etc. N/A
54 CN 8474900000 BELT CONVEYORS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES: Rubber Belts, Rubber lined head drums, Stainless Steel tail drums N/A
55 CN 8474900000 PACKING MATERIALS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Various sizes of film rolls, LDPE Bags, Stitching Thread rolls, Shrink sleeves, canisters etc. N/A
56 AT 8414801000 STITCHING MACHINE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES:Stitching heads, Stitching Stands, Stitching Needles,Throat Plates, Pressure foots. N/A
57 CN 8414801000 tarpaulin, tyre wedge, rope, tracker devices with sim, welding machine, sensor tracker, c-caution, Diesel Dispensers, etc. N/A
58 IT 8431490000 UPS's, Air conditioners, Office furniture, Office Stationary, Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Equipment's, etc. N/A
59 US 8431490000 GENERAL ITEMS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES:All types of bearings,plumber blocks,pillow blocks,adapters sleeves,seals,spacer rings,V-groove pulleys. N/A
60 IN 3819000000 Exhaust Pipe, Trucks, Brakes, Electricals, Gear boxes, Diesel tanks, Wind screens, Hubs, Steering wheels, Z springs, Shock absorbers, Propeller shaft N/A
61 UA 8474900000 Key switches, seat covers, seats, radiator caps, Belts, alternators, kick starters, batteries, terminals, brain boxes, Programme cards, N/A
62 IT 8482200000 Various spares of Barges & boats, Marine Ropes, Life Jackets, Reflective Jackets, Safety equipments N/A
63 IT 8482200000 STEEL FOR CONSTRUCTIONS:Steel rods, Plates, Columns, Beams, Angles, U-Channels, Flat Bar N/A
64 GB 8482200000 FLUID BED DRYER WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Support Frames, Stainless steel Dryer meshes. N/A
65 IT 8474800000 fibre bushes, cables, Pneumatic cylinders, Air pressure regulators, Dampers, Limit switches, Metal Detector,etc. N/A
66 US 8474900000 Cable trays, Cable ties,Dummy block for MCC,Lightning arrestors,Surge suppressers,Insulators,Copper flat bars,Capacitors, Detuned Reactors etc. N/A
67 CN 8474900000 LAB EQUIPMENT WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES:Sieve Shaker & spare sieves, Weighing scales of different capacities(Range),Distilled water unit & spares, N/A
68 GB 8716200000 CENTRIFUGE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Feed Screw with gear boxes, Stainless steel Inner Baskets, SS outer baskets;Hydraulic systems. N/A
69 CN 8482200000 AIR COMPRESSOR WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Screw Compressor, Air Receivers, Lube oil filter, Air filter,Air oil separator. N/A
70 IN 8482200000 U-bolts, Pinion flanges, Stabilizer rods, Spring assembly complete kits, Relays, ECU's, Seat belts, Head lights, trafficator lights, Compressors, N/A
71 CN 8462490000 blue gum, radial patch, tyre cement, penetrating oil, sand paper, super glue, paints, oxide, hardener, chopped mat, bushings, body filler, accetlyene N/A
72 AT 2520200000 Pressure Temperature regulators,CNG,Fuel regulators,Valves,Thermocouples,UV Flame sensors,Fuel pumps,Electrodes,Transformers,Contactors,Timers,Relays. N/A
73 AT 6804220000 Screw for Pressure Foot, Tension Disc, Tension Spring, Tension Regulating Nuts, Foot Switch, Feed dog, Electrical panel, etc. N/A
74 IT 8414801000 AUTOMATIC BAG WEIGHING MACHINE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Bagging Machines,Panels, Load cells, junction boxes,weighing hoppers. N/A
75 IT 8427900000 Geared motor,electric power supply unit,Panel,Teflon rollers,Bottle cap,Compressors,etc. N/A
76 US 8716200000 Hour meters,frequency meter,pliers,screw drivers,soldering iron,soldering lead,paste,hand gloves,load testors etc. N/A
77 ZA 8474900000 AUTOMATIC PACKING MACHINE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES/SPARES:Packing machines,Consumables,Teflon cloth,Cross seal bar housings,Drives,Drive vol.dosing units N/A
78 IT 8431490000 OFFICE APPLIANCES WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Laptops, Desktop Computers, Printers,Photo copy machine, mouse, key boards. N/A
79 IT 8431490000 INDUSTRIAL & HOME APPLIANCES WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Cooking Appliances, Television, Washing machines, Water coolers, Home furnishings, etc. N/A
80 ZA 8474900000 control panels,VFD's,Push buttons,various types of light fittings,various types of bulbs,Ceiling fans,Table/standing Fans,cable lugs,Solenoid Valves, N/A
81 CN 8427900000 Mild Steel Pipes Mild steel sheets, Bitumen sheets, Loctite, All type of Plywood, Various type of Hinges. N/A
82 CN 8716200000 PAYLOADERS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Payloaders, Buckets, Hydraulic pump cartridge, etc. N/A
83 CN 8474900000 PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTS WITH ALL ACCESSORIES / SPARES:Safety helmet, Safety shoes, Safety belt, Hand gloves, N/A