Product Certificate



Product Certificate No.: IMP11168811P
Issued Date: 25 Nov 2016
Issued by: SON1101


Country of origin

Product code

Product description


1 DE Master batch,Holcobatch, Chiller ,printing inks
2 AR Store bin,azzuro blue and green,colour pigment,contact flash
3 VG Heat exchanger,gas filter,contactor,compressor,suction pipe
4 GR gasket,thermostart valve,insulation pipe,bands,silver alloy.
5 IN carr cylinder,slide insert pipe,cooling core,free standing BP,altanium box
6 CN eoat tube,seals,hose,angular diameter,cavity insert,drain pump
7 FR micro chiller card,profinet interface,ethernet over ethercat,motor reducer
8 IT grease lubricate mould,coupling,belt,cabel heater,split flang
9 IE gear box,socket,pull handler,hose,cable encoder,cavity plate
10 TH brazed plate ,capillary flex,to-press coupling
11 NL capillaries,sensors,pk of power supply cards,temposonic rod
12 IT pks of filter element,cpu module,dc motors dc drive,
13 DE leveling mount assly,multinational board,pressure control,pump
14 AR cylinder end cap,dual relief,pks of carterages,logic element,clamp coloum bushing,
15 BE pressure guage,digital input model,pks of cards,old wf 470,rack
16 VG cartridge heater, thermocouple j type,rolls of insulators,pks of rings
17 AU pks oof pin,panel Mtg base h-a3-AG Grey,extruder,CTR cylinder
18 DE transducer crystals, pks of socket,core conversion
19 DE electric transformer,industrial machinery,closures,preforms,motor
20 AR motor protection,contactor,socket,screw,screw connection
21 IO conpact,simatic operator,panel,modular,stabilizer powersupply
22 IN compact, analog input,adater,cable,connector,micro memory card
23 AU transformer,communicator processor cp,sleeves,carbon,glue,rubber
24 IN lubricant,oil,silicon,heat exchanger,filter,thermostart,bands,alloy
25 AR cylinder,slide,insert,core,altanium,ebox,tube
26 GB mould,inverter,wire net,coupling,belt,sensor tempo sonic,dual relief
27 AE clamp,bushing,racking system,thermocouple,auxiliary parts
28 TW alto blue,nestle master batch,pet resin,polyethylene resin
29 IN terephthate,polyester chips,poly-liner resin,polypropylene resin
30 TH thermoplastic resin ,eastlon resin,elastomers resin,tpe resin
31 TH high density resin,copolymer resin,hydrogenated from animals or vegetabel food source
32 FR resin jade,aspet resin,rel pet resin,octal pet resin
33 FR voltic blue,tint green,holcoprill,tersar,amber opaque,reflex,ruco,pantone
34 FK pantone,acetate,2-ethoxy-1-methylethylacetate,retarder,vinos,shrink wrapper,magneta
35 DE clariant,maxithen,cyclohexanone,n-butylacetate,xylene,silicon dioxide
36 AE remafin,tote bin,moplen resin,resin 582 blue,resin cb,resin cr,resin wk
37 GB radial oil seal,buffer ring,retaing ring,internal,roto variseal,back up ring
38 US retainer,pin,spanner,wrench,photo polymer plate,graphics,cermic sleeve
39 US aluminium cover,micro switch,other switches ,frequency converter
40 DK glass optical,guider,barrier,converters,amplifier,gas pressure
41 DE regulators,mono-meters,other meters,cylinder sloid,fayrouz exotic,blade
42 BE doctor blade,plug,pad,slide,gib,inner core assembly,otter core assembly
43 AR bushing, core cooling tube,indicator,pocket,fitting,gauge,sencer,shafts
44 BE flange,bearing,coupling,gripper,roller,floow meter,manifold,knock out,tools ,service floor
45 DE guide,sinamics sensor,water cool servo,ethercat bus cooupler,coupler
46 DE ethercate bus,directional control valve,other valves,prop pressure reducing-electric pump
47 DE cutter, transducer, liner piston,glyd-ring,distributor,ceramic sleeves
48 IN inverter,wire net,coupling,belt,cabel heater,split flange,gear box
49 AR transducer,liner,piston,glyd-ring,distributor,ceramic sleeve,offline granulator
50 CA negative air conveying,conveyor,piovan granlar,piovan,granulator, metal separator
51 DE increase speed rotar, speed rotar, contactor, fitting ,suction pipe, tape
52 FR tape, rubber blanket, anti-condensing tape, condensing, thermostat valve.
53 FK contactor delayed, control panel, dual profi, directional control, water control valve.
54 FI hydraulic oil, thinner, e-bus terminal, silver alloy, safety active cartridge