Product Certificate



Product Certificate No.: IMP1118143999P
Issued Date: 28 Nov 2018
Issued by: SON1137


Country of origin

Product code

Product description


1 BE Master bacth,Holcobacth,chiller,printing ink,thinner, store bin,azzouro blue and green,colour pigment,ramafin,amber,colour liquid,alto colours
2 BE Heat exchanger,gas filter,contractor,compressor,suction pipe,gasket,thermostarts
3 DE Valves,insulation pipe,bands,silver alloy,carr cylinder,slide insert pipe,cooling core
4 DE free standing BP,altanium box,seal,hose,angular diameter,cavity insert,drain pump,micro chiller card,profinet
5 BE Mould,coupling belt,heater,split flange,brazed plate, capillary flex, to-press coupling,sensor,pks of power supply cards
6 IT temposonic rod,pcks of filter element,cpu,DC motor,drives,leveling mount pressure control board,assly multinational board
7 FI pump,cylinder head cap,dual relief,pics of carterages,logic element, clamp board,pressure gauge,bushing,digital input model
8 NL old wf 470,rack ,cartridge, heater thermocouple,rolls of insulators,pcks of pin, panel mtg base, grey box
9 BE Extruder,cte cylinder,transducer crystal,motor protection,screw,closure,preform,compact modular,stabilizer power supply,analog input
10 FI adapter , micro memory, communicator processor cp, sleeves, carbon ,glue, rubber, lubreication,oil,silicon
11 IN Heat exchanger,filter thermostart,bands ,slide insert,core,altanium,ebox,tube,wire net,coupling,belt,sensor tempsonic,dual relif, clamp
12 BE Bushing,racking system,PP sheet,wire container,thermocouple,auxiliary parts,alto blue,nestle master bacth
13 FR jade brand of resin aspet ,resin octal pet,relpet resin,voltic blue,tint green,holcoprill, tersar,amber opaque,plastic raw material
14 FR reflex,ruco,pantone,acetate,2-ethoxy-1-methylacetate,retarder,vinos,shrink,wrapper,magnet,clarient,maxithen,cyclohexanone,Nbutylacetate,xylene
15 ZA maintenace tools,hot half,coated polyester grey bag,filter for inverter,chain,driner roller shaft ass,ideal roller shaft ass,roller bearing
16 DE air valve,3 wayn poppe, filter element,sensor,flange,piston,pump,elevator,ball cage,cutter,natrirotation system,yoke,manifold plate
17 DK interface,ethernet over ethercat,motor reducer,insect killer,gear box,socket, pull handler
18 FR hose cabel,encoder,cavity plate,grease lubricant,core conversion,pet resin polyliner resin
19 KR polypropylene,polyester chips,amorphous chips terepthate,polyliner thermoplastic,eastlon brand, jade resin
20 ZA elastomer resin, tpe resin, cazeden 84 frx,high density resin,copolymer resinb,moplen,hydrogenated from animal or vegetabel food source
21 NL silicon dioxide,tot bin,remain,resin 538,resin cb,resin cr,resin wk,resin 574,radial oil seal,buffer ring
22 FR retating ring,internal,roto varisal,back up ring,valves, whitw belt,industrial generator, gate insert,
23 DE cylinder head screw,neck and locking ring,band heater,nozzel tip insulator valve system,turco double delta ring,vinto o-ring
24 KR sp 225 300 retrofit,kit,plug,cam,outer core ass,slide,center wedge,closing cam inner,booly turrent support
25 DE carbon vane set,pocket pull handle,ball latch 70,lens kit,oil retriver contain,high temperatuire grease,pressure filter element
26 CN seal kit,actual f kit,crs silicon tempo ring-55-shore,rydlyme descaler,cable track,valve-bank,vacume hose
27 BE manifold plate fitting,connection,turnplate,electric pump,elevator belt,probe, nozzle, spacer, drain pump
28 FI blanking die,feeder,filter cell,contact flash,profinet interface,ethernet over ethercat,motor reducer
29 IT contactors,relay,safety device,transformer,ct,electric panel,pump,seal,fan,meters,guage,industrial machinery,auxiliary machinery parts
30 FR clamp column hollow hex,male long,pipe nipple,spring pin,stepseal,hex pipe plug,wear ring,rings
31 FI saddle dazz scraper,seal felt,kantseal,fuse,drive,converter kit,switch disconnector,power supply unit stroke transducer,speed transducer,magnet
32 FR bladder acumulator,skm box,suction filter,thermal switch,level switch,air filter,nagative pressure
33 DE hydrohalic hose,inductive proximity sensor,locking swicth,directional valve,silencer,throw-off belt,conveyor belt
34 ZA transverse conveyor,shock absorber,pneumatic unit,safty valve,vacuum,distributor,coil,removal unit,reflector
35 BE drag chaintooted belt,valve block,pump,allan screw,union piece,fitting,treaded elbow,elbow joint,screw ,socket
36 FI software,printing board,control cables,liught barrier,antifreeze,
37 BE pressure transducer,suction filter,detection,shaft,cables,data base,urr,urs,data card