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Product Certificate No.: IMP112019813P
Issued Date: 23 Nov 2020
Remarks: N/A
Issued by: 1154


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1 TH 39076900 Pet resin, Poly liner resin, Polypropylene resin. Terephtalate resin, Polyester chips, Polyliner, Thermoplastic, Eastlon brand resin. N/A
2 CN 84199000 Manifold Cable Rolex Pin Gate, Insert Mold, Counter sink Bolt, Cavity Key, Water Manifold, O-Ring. N/A
3 LU 84199000 seal, Fuse, Drive converter kit, Switch disconnector . N/A
4 LU 84199000 Drain reducer, Contractors, Relay, Safety device, Transformer, Electric panel, Pump, Seal, Fans, Meter gauge . N/A
5 IT 84779000 motor drive ,Levelling mount pressure control board, Assly ,multinational board. N/A
6 CN 84199000 Tube, Cavity, Terminal Clamp, Insulating sleeve, Singular Wire, Ground Wire. N/A
7 IT 84779000 Chain, Driver roller shaft, ass, Ideal roller shaft ass, Roller bearing/sp255/300 Retrofit kit, Plug, cam ,Outer core ass, Slide. N/A
8 IN 84779000 Pull handler, hose, cable, encoder, cavity plate, Grease lubricant . N/A
9 DE 84199000 O-ring, Scrapper, Scarf Cut Wear Ring, Glyd ring W. Saddle, Gly Ring with Saddle. N/A
10 DE 84199000 Fixed Blade Kit, Mobile Blades Kit, Fabric Air Filter Zinc. N/A
11 IN 84779000 Seal ,Hose, Angular diameter, Cavity insert Drain pump, Micro chiller card. N/A
12 TH 39012000 Polyester chips, Voltic blue, Tint green, Holcoprill, Teaser, Amber, opaque, Plastic raw material. N/A
13 CN 84199000 Hig, Micro Chiller ard, Pump Bearing, Mechanical Seal. N/A
14 CN 84199000 Seals, Piston, Retaining Rings, Backup pads, Graf oil Seals, Metal Seals. N/A
15 IN 84779000 insert pipe, Cooling core, Free standing BP, Atlantium box . N/A
16 LU 84199000 Control cable, light bearer, antifreeze, pressure tranducer. N/A
17 DE 84199000 Automatic air vent val, Solenoin Valve, Flow Switch, Automatic High Pressure, Saftey Relief. N/A
18 IT 84779000 Capillary flex, To press coupling sensor, Packs of power supply cards. N/A
20 LU 84199000 Hex pipe plug, Wear ring, Saddled daze scrapper, seal felt , kant . N/A
21 TH 39012000 Moplene ,Hydrogenated from animal or vegetable food source, Jade brand of resin, Aspet resin, Octal pet, Rel pet resin. N/A
22 IN 39041700 Master batch, Holcobatch, chiller. N/A
23 CN 84199000 Servo Valve NG16, PCBA ICCB (16A) ENPCBA ICC3. 1 (5A) EN, PCBA 6 Slot Back plane. N/A
24 IT 84199000 Extruder ,CTR Cylinder, Transducer cryster, Motor protection , Screw ,Closure, Preform, Compact modular, Stabilizer power supply. N/A
25 DE 84199000 motor 0.55kw 3 phase, stainless steel (ANSI304) Mounting of one dosing device, suitable for 400v/50hz. N/A
26 IT 84199000 High temperature grease, Pressure filter element ,Seal kit, Actual f kit, CRS silicon tampo ring -55-shore. N/A
27 IT 84779000 Pump, Cylinder head cap, Dual relief, Packs of cartridges ,Logic clamp clamp board, Pressure guage, Bushing, Digital input model. N/A
28 CN 84199000 Gauge, EOAT Tube, EOAT Cooling Insert, O-Ring, Parallel Dowel. N/A
29 DE 84199000 Destiny amber, Evaporator Ach500, Compressor, Air condesor. N/A
30 CN 84199000 20GR 1881 TO 18.5GR 1881 CONVERSION, 31GR 30MM TO 28.5GR 30MM 31GR 30MM TO 2FGR 29MM CONVERSION N/A
31 TH 39012000 Elastomer resin, Tpe resin, Cazeden 84 frx, High density polypropylene resin, Polyethylene resin. N/A
32 DE 84199000 PCBA, 1CC3 QuadH5, Printing Roller, Hose Assemble, Prob Pressure Reducing. N/A
33 IT 84779000 Auxiliary parts, Alto blue, Nestle master batch. N/A
34 CN 84199000 Manifold Bushing, Dowel, Pet Housing, Dowel, Anti Rotation Tabs. N/A
35 IN 84779000 Valve insulation pipe, Band, Silver alloy, Carr Cylinder, Slide. N/A
36 CN 84199000 NOZZLE TIP, Accumulator Repair Kit, Evaporator, Angular Pin, Set Diameter. N/A
37 IN 84779000 printing ink ,thinner, store bin N/A
38 DE 84199000 Fabric Filter Fan-Sinamics, Kit Retrofit Belt Inc, Female Guage, Fitting B. N/A
39 IT 84779000 Tempo sonic Rod, Packs of filter element , CPU, DC. N/A
40 LU 84199000 Silencer, throw off belt, converyor, Belt, Transverse conveyor. N/A
41 IT 39012000 Cyclohexanone, Nbutylacetate, Xylene, Silicon dioxide, Remain, tot bin ,Resin 528 blue,Resin cr,Resin wk, Resin 579. N/A
42 DE 84199000 Hopper 6 Litres, Stainless Steel, (ANSI 304) Square Outlet, Used on large pet Machines. N/A
43 CN 84199000 Evaporator, Neck Ring Pair, RS485 HUB 5 Port (PCB) Cable Assembly WK203-X. N/A
44 IT 84779000 Core conversion Mould, Coupling belt, Heater, Split Flang, Braze plate. N/A
45 IN 84779000 Contractor, Compressor ,Suction pipe, Gasket, Thermostat. N/A
46 IN 39076900 Azzouro blue, green colour pigment. N/A
47 IT 84779000 Analog input, Adapter, Micro memory, communication processor, CP, Glue, Rubber, Lubricator, Sleeves. N/A
48 IT 84779000 Turco double delta ring vinto ,Pack of o-ring, Maintenance tools ,Hot half,Coated polyester grey bag,Filters for inverters. N/A
49 DE 84199000 Backup Ring Wear Ring, Felt, Wyn Seal, Redial Seal, Accumulator Charging K, Motor Pulley, Spring, Belt. N/A
50 LU 84199000 sunction filter, defection shaft, cables, database, urr, urs. N/A
51 DE 84199000 6 litres stainless steel hopper (ANSI304) with3 sight glasses, connection piece and valve for easy emptying and cleaning. N/A
52 CN 84199000 Disc Springs, Locator, Retaining Ring, Bushing Tcs Manifold Tcs, 21GR 1881 To 16.5GR 1881 CONVERSION N/A
53 IN 84779000 Profinet interface, Ethernet over ethercat ,Motor reducer ,Insect killer ,Gear box, Socket. N/A
54 CN 84199000 SPARE BLADE FORG 35/60 GRANULATOR Comprising Rotor Blade, Stationary Blade, Neck Ring, Locking Ring, Core Cooling. N/A
55 DE 84199000 Glyd-Ring with a Saddle, Backup Ring, Wear Ring, Felt, Wyn Seal, Step Seal 2k, Piston 9. N/A
56 IT 39012000 Reflex ,Pantone, Acetate,2-ethoxy-1-methyl axetate , Rearder, Vinos, Shrink, Wrapper, Magnet, Clarinet, Maxithen. N/A
57 IN 84779000 Heat exchanger Gas filter. N/A
58 CN 84199000 Anti-Rotation Tab, Set Screws, Bushing Heater, Tempo sonic Magnet, Tempo sonic Transducer. N/A
59 DE 84199000 Control Cabinet ind, Input Cable, Main Power Cable, LT Stepper Motor (2AMP) Optional Ht. N/A
60 IT 84779000 Industrial generator, Gate insert , Cylinder head screw, Neck and locking ring, Band heater, Nozzel tip insulator valve system. N/A
61 LU 84199000 Coil, Removal unit, Reflector, Drag chain, Toothed Belt. N/A
62 DE 84199000 Hopper safety grid, HXC, dosing cylinder, for dosing free powder, main power cable. N/A
63 LU 84199000 POWER SUPPLY UNITE, Stroke transducer, Speed transducer, Magnet. N/A
64 LU 84199000 shock absorber, Pneumatic Unit, safety value, Vacuum Distributor. N/A
65 CN 84199000 Water Control Valve, Alignments Pacer Plug, Valve-Bank, Slide, Gib, Proportional Valve 4 WR Salve Valve, NG16. N/A
66 LU 84199000 Level Switch, Air filter, negative pressure, Hydraulic hose. N/A
67 LU 84199000 Cutter, Anti rotation system, Yoke , Manifold plate fitting, Connection turn plate, Electric pump, Elevator belt, Probe Nozzle, Spacer. N/A
68 CN 84199000 Cable Assembly, Sprue Heater Sprue Tcs, Cylinders, Set of Screw, Valve Stem PETHP Insulators Piston. N/A
69 IT 32041700 Carbon ,Oil, Silicon, Filter, Bands, Core, Tube, Wire net, Wire container, Sensor, Tempo sonic dual, Bushing, Racking system, Thermocouple. N/A
70 IT 84199000 Radial oil seal, Buffer ring, Retating ring, Internal, Roto varseal, Back up ring, Valves. N/A
71 LU 84199000 Bladder accumulator, Skin Box, Sunction Filter, Thermal Switch. N/A
72 DE 84199000 Motor Reducer, Drain Pump, Filtering Cell, Cell Filter, Three Way Valve, Pump Amplifier Card, Carbon Van Set, Filter Element. N/A
73 TH 39076100 Amorphous. N/A
74 DE 84199000 Valve, Low Safety Valve, Safety Relief Valve, Mci8 Synchronic. N/A
75 DE 84199000 with de-airing top flange, active mixing with Quick Mixer blade. N/A
76 IT 84779000 encoder mounting, Drive pulley, Flow switch, Carbon vane set, Pocket pull handler, Ball latch 70,Len kit ,Oil retrieval contain. N/A
77 DE 84199000 Retaining Ring, Front Ring Crimp Contact Removal, Stroke Measing System. N/A
78 LU 84199000 datacard, molding machinery, Printing Machinery, Grinding Machinery. N/A
79 LU 84199000 Valve block, Pump, Alan Screw, Union Piece, fitting, threaded elbow. N/A
80 LU 84199000 Rydlyme descalar, Cable track, Valve-bank ,Vacuum hose, Air valve,3 way poppe, Filter element , sensor , flange, Piston, Pump, Ball cage. N/A
81 LU 84199000 Industrial machinery, Auxiliary machinery parts, Clamp column, Hollow hex , Male long, Pipe nipple, Spring pin, Step seal. N/A
82 DE 84199000 Great Britain Plug, Sneek Value, Ampco Outer Wear Pate, Slide, Crimp Contact Male Crimp Contact Female. N/A
83 DE 84199000 Extension Hose, Male Guage Fiting, Pressure Guage, PCBA ICC3, Noise Filter, 6 Slot Back plane, PCBA, ICC3, 2 Dual H. N/A
84 IT 84779000 Old WF 470, Racks , Cartridge heater, Thermocouple type, Rolls of insulators, Packs of rings, Packs of pin , Panel MTG base, Grey box. N/A
85 DE 84199000 Air cooled Condensor, Pump, SAFETY VALVE6BAR, GAS FILTER. N/A
86 LU 84199000 Inductive proximity sensor, Locking switch, Directional Valve. N/A
87 LU 84199000 elbow joint, Screw, Socket, Software sprint board. N/A
88 IT 84779000 Center Wedge, Closing cam inner, Booly, Turrent support, Geared motor ,Reduction gear, Incremental encoder. N/A