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Product Certificate No.: IMP12159838P
Issued Date: 07 Dec 2015
Issued by: SON1101


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1 IT Pinion, Z=15 (1 2")x(5 16)
2 IT Pinion, Z=20 (1 2)x(5 16)
3 IT Pinion, Z=24 P=3 4"
4 IT Right Bucket L=324 Standard
5 IT Heater D.32, L=145, 1300W, 110V
6 IT Thrust Spaghetti DWG.16832
7 IT Right Bucket L=310 Maximum
8 IT Flight Pusher Spaghetti 130x77x5
9 IT Eccentric Type Needle Bearing, Type: SJ-365-E
10 IT Bar Cross Pusher Support Left, Type: S-5844B
11 IT Card Electronic, Type: ST20020
12 IT Forming Tube 73x30
13 IT Control Equipment EMC296, Part No.: 00121100240
14 IT Feeding Channel for Spaghetti
15 IT Teflon Pusher Spaghetti Feeder
16 IT Hexagonal Pin, Part No.: S-16833
17 IT Supports for the Paddles S-5844
18 IT Spring De11 Df0.8 L=25 Pitch 3mm, Par5408-00030-00
19 IT Brass Guides Pin Plug, Part No.: 5422-00042-00
20 IT Bolts & Nuts, Part No.: 08800106959
21 IT Pinion, Z=15 P1 2 DIS. 5829 A
22 IT Pinion, Z=15 1 2x5 16 DIS.5829 A
23 IT Brass Pieces for the Product Paddles (Left)
24 IT Right Plate, Part No.: 5456-00006-00
25 IT Radial Bearing RIG.1 COR.SF.2 TEN ST.15X35X11 6202
26 IT Albero Condotto EX S-5836 Alimentatore SO EVO
27 IT Sprocket dwg. 6490 1 2X5 16 Z=28
28 IT Shaft, DWG.6840 S-6840
29 IT Sprocket Z=50 1 2X3 16 dwg. 5834B
30 IT Sprocket Z=50 1 2X3 16 dwg. 5834A
31 IT Shaft, Part No.: S-1105009723
32 IT Chain 10126 with Join Mesh, Part No.: 00900400080
33 IT Group of Parts for Front Flight "SO" Jogger Device
34 IT Group of Parts for Uper Scrapper of "SO" Jogger
35 IT Anterior Welding Roller, Part No.: 5425-00260-00
36 IT Posterior Welding Roller, Part No.: 5425-00261-00
37 IT Rollers Resistance, Part No: S-1504001442
38 IT Motherboard for Weigher Control SPL
39 IT Memory EPROM, M27C256-15D, Part NO.: 08800137944
40 IT Promax PESA-5 SCHEDA Control SPL
41 IT Memory EPROM, M27C256-15D
42 IT Boot Coupling D.70, L=138
43 IT Gear Wheel, Z=118, M=2
44 IT Guide Pendulum R.H, P.1" L=2252
45 IT Piston Servomotor, Type: D.4300, Size: 3
46 IT Pneumatic Valve Actuator Positioner
47 IT Profile Silicon Expanded 20x11mm
48 IT Ring Seeger UNI 7435 D.8
49 IT Filter Cartridge for Vacuum
50 IT Set of Seals for Die Extraction Cylinder
51 IT Cover Vacuum Mixer, Type: 11264
52 IT Press Mixer Panel, Type: 6AV6 545-0BA15-2AX0
53 IT Press Leg Panel, Type: 6AV6 545-0BA15-2AX0
54 IT Press Mixer Panel, Type: 6AV6 545-0BA15-2AX0
55 IT Press Leg Panel, Type: 6AV6 545-0BA15-2AX0