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Product Certificate No.: IMP1218145188P
Issued Date: 11 Dec 2018
Issued by: SON563


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2 IN Steam Turbines and other Vapour Turbines
3 FR Steam and other Vapour Generating Boilers, Heat Boliers, Package Boliers
4 IT Mechanical Motors for Urea Production
5 LU Rasching Rings for Condensate Stripper
6 FR Pumps and Spare Parts (Impellers, Shafts, Rotors, Gears)
7 LU Switches and Isolators for Fertilizer Plant
8 FR Bearings (Radial and Thrust)
9 LU Compressors - HPC and LPC
10 IN Thrust Rotors and Spares
11 IN Waste Heat Boiler burners
12 LU Rotor Assembly Urea Production
13 IT Mechanical Thrust Pads Urea and Ammonia
14 FR Seal Rings and Liners
15 LU Steam Turbine Rotor
16 IN Steam Turbines and other Vapour Turbines
17 IN Producer Gas and Water Gas Generators
18 IN Acetylene Gas Generators
19 LU Labyrinths and Spares
20 IN Filtering and Purifying Machinery and Apparatus for Liquids or Gases
21 IN Condensers for Steam and other Vapour Power Units
22 IN Metal Plates of Various Types
23 IN Bolts, Nuts and Washers
24 IN Gas Turbine Unit and Spare Parts
25 LU Furnace Burners for Gas, Liquid and Solid Fuel Burners
26 LU Rolling and Rotating Machines and Equipment
27 BE Cranes (Cables Cranes, Mobile Lifting Frames, Straddle Carriers and Works Trucks Fitted with a Crane)
28 FR Separator Centrifuge
29 BE Fork-lift Trucks and other Works Trucks
30 BE Conveyors - Belt Conveyors, Chain Conveyors and Rollers
31 IT Agricultural Equipment and Machineries
32 IN Bagging Machines, Equipment and Spares Parts
33 IN Dehumidifier and Spares
34 IN Welding Consumables and Accessories
35 IN Refractory Materials
36 IN Insulation Materials
37 IT Electrodes and Gaskets
38 FR Pall Rings
39 LU Stripper Ferrules Bushings
40 IT Hoses and Piping Materials
41 FR Urea Melt Steam out Valves
42 LU Granulator Grith Gear
43 IT Caustic Skid Motor
44 FR Urea Carbomate Pump Valves
45 BE Mechanical Seals and Bearings
46 LU Chemical Dosing Pump with Motor
47 FR Couplings
48 LU Inlet Filter Element
49 IN Heat Exchanger 122 C
50 IN Relief valve spares
51 IN Urea grade pipes & fittings
52 IN 101BJT Rotor
53 IN Waste heat boiler burners
54 LU 101 CA tube bundle
55 BE Refractory materials ( Anchors, Mortars, Insulation boards and bricks)
56 IT Filters and strainers
57 BE Pumps(centrifugal, rotary, reciprocating) and spares
58 FR Valves and spares
59 FR Gearbox and spares
60 BE Centrifugal fans and spares
61 FR Urea grade SS materials(SS 316L 2RE69)
62 LU Special piping Alloy materials
63 IT Compressor Rotors
64 IT 1105C tubes & bundle
65 LU 1315JC4 tubes & bundle
66 FR 1114C bundle
67 LU Scrubber basket.
68 IT 1379C4 bundle
69 IT Catalyst tubes.
70 IN 2101LC bundle
71 IN Urea granulation nozzles.
72 IN Urea granulation booms
73 IN HP stripper gas tubes and hold down grating.
74 IN China Man's hat for 1342F.
75 IN WHB burners.
76 IN Gas tubes for Urea Stripper.
77 IN Automated Side stream filters Assembly.
78 IN Pre After filters for the instrument air Copmpressor
79 IT Lube Oil filters for the GTG
80 FR Air inlet filters for the GTG
81 IN Current Transducers
82 IN Electrical Motors
83 IN Electrical Fuses, Wires and Cables
84 IN Electric Transformers
85 IN Electric Panels
86 IN Electrical Control Systems and Infrastructures
87 IN Auxilliary Plant for use with Boiler (Economisers, Super-Heaters, Soot Removers, Gas Recoverers)
88 IN Hydraulic Turbines, Water Wheels and Regulators
89 IN Bearings
90 IN HP flush pump, motor gear box
91 IN FV3001 anti-surge valve
92 IN product screen Assembly and gear box
93 IN Sewagw lift pump motor
94 IN 1107 JHT Spares
95 FR Industrial and Laboratory Furnaces and Ovens, including Incinerators
96 FR Pneumatic Controllers
97 BE Laboratory Equipment
98 FR Guages (Pressure, Temperature, Flow-Meters, Current and Volt Meters)
99 LU Valves and Spares
100 IT Temperature Gauges and Transmitters
101 IT Weigh Bridge and Spare Parts
102 LU Air Filter Regulators
103 FR Thermocouples for Primary Reformer
104 LU Paperless Recorder
105 IT Density Mater, AIT-512
106 IT Product Belt Weighers
107 IN Smart Transmitters
108 IN Speed Probes
109 IN Hydrogen Analyzer
110 IN Urea Solution Density Fork Type
111 IN Instrument Diaphragms
112 IN Boroscope
113 IN Gas Chromatograph
114 IN Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
115 IN UV Spectrophotometer
116 IT Hydrogen Generator
117 FR Analytical Weighing Balance (4 decimal places)
118 IN Water Distiller
119 IN Carl Fisher titrator
120 IN pH Meter
121 IN Industrial heater
122 IN Gas canisters
123 IN Conductivity meter
124 IN Stirrers
125 IN Infra-Red Thermometer(0-500DegC)
126 IN Pyroblocks Wet Felt Materials
127 IN Plant Inspection tools( DM Meters, Hardness tester, ferrite meters & Inspection cameras)
128 IN Vibration Monitoring Equipment.
129 FR Rapid Still distillation for NPK analysis
130 FR Auto Digester for Fertilizer samples
131 BE Digital Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker
132 FR Magnetic Stirrer SM5
133 LU Heavy duty Hot Plate
134 IT Cimarc Stirrer Hot Plate
135 IT Desiccators
136 LU Shallow form Water Shaking Bath
137 FR Javac Double stage high Vacuum pump
138 LU Drager Tubes
139 IT Heating Mantle.
140 IT Wettest metter
141 IN LTS Catalyst
142 IN Secondary Reformer Catalyst
143 IN ACT-1
144 FR Alumina Balls
145 FR Target Bricks
146 BE Resins
147 FR Primary Reformer Catalyst
148 LU Catalyst for Methanator Catalyst
149 IT Catalyst for Hydrogen Removal Reactor Catalyst
150 IT Activated Carbon Filters for demin unit
151 LU Vanadium Pentoxide
152 FR Caustic Soda
153 LU Soda Ash
154 MA Potassium Carbonate
155 EG Urea Formaldehyde (UFC-85)
156 MA Nalco Water treatment Chemicals
157 MA Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)
158 MA GMOP (Granular Muriate of Potash )
159 MA Potassium Nitrate
160 IN Other Mechanical Item
161 IN Other Chemical Item
162 IN Other Electrical Item
163 IN Other Instrument Item